Hey gals this post is specially for you. For all of us who are actually cool minded, nearly harmless people almost whole through the month.But sometimes in our cycle god knows why(yes!!! GOD knows why)you cant keep your calm, and even if somehow you are able to maintain it, it sometimes finally bursts out.
Earlier in my college days in medicine when i learnt about Pre mentrual tension and pre mentrual syndrome, i was skeptical about this phenomenon despite knowing the physiology to the depth. But slowly in years i realized yes it a true fact, progesterone really does some chemical lotcha in our bodies as well as brains.
In my late twenties i now stand a woman, victim of this emotionally and physically unstable condition.
The bloating, the heaviness, the laziness, the fluctuating mood, the anger.. sometimes manageable, but sometimes out of control has done some damage. I wish i could share my thoughts with you ladies and bring out our unsaid, unshared problems. We often find it difficult to talk about these stuff in public, so lets share our views on this problem of ours..Be yourself or your pen name but take the problem off your shoulders. SSRIs may be the treatment but i feel most of the times the problem can be solved if someone can share your thoughts and anxiety.

P.S. catharsis (talking it out ) is the best cure for many of your emotional problems.

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