While travelling from X to Y location by flight I managed to get a window seat again. Looking out I saw the marsh lands, the small and the large lakes, the greenery.. From so far above the ground you can see the depth of the water bodies, see that there is plant growth beneath or not. The hilly area looks as the creator they show on the moon in the famous pictures. Trees appears as bushes. Cities appears as cluster of white little constructions. There is no more traffic. No more waves you can see on the sea. Its beautiful to watch the rivers and rivulets, the way take turns, the dams, the land submerged due to that...
Soooo many things I could see more though soo may details I missed out.. (that the pros an cons wala funda!!)

I was wondering while the plane was climbing up that how the chaos converted into peace, how propellers go smooth, how the air thins out, the turbulence on the sea vanished, how the endless activities got neglected (like the higher order terms ;) ).

Don't you think how the reality changes when your point of view changes. Or you can say, your "perception of the reality" changes when your the point of view. (Great people say that what we perceive is reality for us.. mmmmm........ OK leave this apart, this is complex).

See the point I am trying to make here is that if you apply this analogy to your life, to the people you know or you don't know you will notice how easy life become.

If you ever say that my girl/boy friend never understands me; that may be because you are not seeing the things from her/his point of view (in which may be she/he is correct!!! though the chances are rare ;) ).
Or when you say my dad is a crack head, may be you are nor seeing the broader picture (point of view again!), in which he wishes your good but that poor fellow dose not understand the new culture.
Do you know why people go to counselor, because he or may be she can analyse you life a different point of view, a view of a third person who is indifferent from the events in your life, a point of view from where he is not effected by your emotions.
Even in studies also this is so apt, some time if you cant solve a problem using trigonometry, you use imaginary numbers...

This is just as simple as that POINT OF VIEW.

So next time when you face any problem friends, relationship, family, just analyse things from there point of view...
In a technical problem try n use some other method..
You are stuck in some thing, just relax, let that emotion go and then analyse the situation calmly (as a third person would do)

Anything, just remember the point of view... some or the other will fetch you a solution..

(Its actually amazing that how just a taking off flight can incept so many thoughts in the mind)

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