Any crime happens anywhere we blame police . But we hardly know the other side of the story . . The police works every day , no holidays for them especially at lower levels . The police staff is less in every police station / Thana / Chowki . They work under humongous pressure . Juxtapose to their tough life and duty hours they are paid very less . The arms with which they are equipped is obsolete .
Whether it's theft , decoity lkidnapping , dowry ,ransom rape accidents , deaths all types of mishaps are being brought to the police stations . Their FIR necessary actions , filing , documentation and other paraphernalia involves a lot of sincere and careful work . Dealing with all these as a routine is not easy . It involves lot  of patience and stamina to give best performance .
They are a part of our society and we should support them in performing their duties .
We always shout on traffic police when we are caught breaking the rules . Rather as a responsible citizen we should follow the rules . We also know the corruption level in police which is a sad thing , the reason here is entangled with so many controversies whose threads go to politicians and other people involved in it . We should also stop bribing them for our selfish motives to make societies and cities without corruption .
Similarly CISF , CRPF , BSF and other similar wings who are putting their lives in danger should not be ignored .
Our country needs trained policemen to enforce law and order .
We should respect police and support in order to maintain peace wherever we are .

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