so i like the police procedural serials really..the detective ones there are..and on top of that list is "The Mentalist". It is one heck of a TV show aired in the US for thelast 5 years. And its 6th season premiers this Sunday. So I am waiting with bated breath. The main protagonist Patrick Jane is a pure astonishment. He is hilarious, extremely sharp, intelligent, perceptive and knowledgeable witha humor to match. He alsohas suffered some personal tragedy and is after finding the serial killer who murdered his family.
In each episode he uses his superior mental abilities to corner the killer that day..sohere I am , evangelising this show on WB..this is also the season when the identity of the serial killer would be revealed who is a main subject around which the serial revolves every now and u would do a good job by watchung this some utube clips first if ure curious..

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