I am not a writer but I love writing, I love reading, we all love writing and we all love reading. And when its said that writing is fun, it means that the joy that comes when one writes, comes from the inside, and is not dependent on any external factor. The external factors can only add to it.

Writing here adds a lot of external factors and hence the joy is multiplied many times. These external factors are the anonymous author poll, the anonymous discussions that happen after someone leaves a remark in the poll and of'course the comments.

But what happens when you are addicted to some fun, some joy which is more than the basic pure joy, it corrupts the soul. You are addicted to something which is dependent on some external factor. There is an expectation, the happiness the joy is attached to an expectation and that is a dangerous situation.

So this situation needs to be tackled. The addiction to this super natural joy needs to be maintained. And for that what we need is following two things:

1. A better content discover-ability in the system as the number of posts have increased many fold in recent days.

2. More readers, the an obvious.

First point includes a better handling for the posts which have lesser number of polls. This also includes better categorization and tagging of the posts. All these will done immediately.

Second point requires the people already present on WriterBabu to share the posts the find really sharable on Facebook and twitter accounts. Also invite more readers and writers through email.

One more point that needs to be addressed is the way writers attract readers to read their posts till end and take the poll. Its a skill and it depends on many factors. The title, the post image, the initial text of the post, length of the posts and many others which only some experienced writers can give as tips. You need to read. To be a good writer one needs to read more.

And write for the joy of writing ... writing is always fun ... expectations sometimes spoils it ... right?

so just keep writing ... writing is fun ... :)

need more suggestions ...

Tags: Philosophy

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