Hummer babu turns popular each day
humming is taboo we declare each day
"visit my post, read when arrive"
So writer's ego can grow and thrive

Reading a pleasure was once i was told
activity of leisure for some they said
hummer babu came searching then
to read, enjoy, have fun;read tales

What he found wasn't profound
echoed sounds of amateur stuff
people who wrote were bold they told
stories some real, some made up stuff

When he replied through tool of review
sewn into the code of writerbabu
he replied silently hummed
he sat, breezed through while his hands drummed

He might have read then polled so fast
he might be brilliant sitting steadfast
his IQ high, malconstrued
he replies to us seem so prude

A humble plea, to babus all
those who know to write and all
call him, help him if he's lost
mockery is unpleasant, take a stock

He might need help, but may not ask
he might be above, all our heads
a face unknown, painted dark
his picture portrayed dirty stark

I invite and send a message to him
will keep it, secret in din
we'll laugh and tease other babus if you like
let's be friends, live a life.

Tags: LIFE, Friendship

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