I am happy today. I just feel beautiful.
We live in a society where there is too much stress laid down on a person's appearance, and while attraction to attractive people is completely involuntary and purely biological, 'beauty' is a very subjective notion. After seeing people and relationships I have truly come to accept that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
The mirror might be objective but perception of beauty is truly subjective.
I personally draw beauty from all things natural. I think the earth, the seasons, the dawn, flowing water, blooming spring, wide open mountains ... nature is an elixir of infinite wisdom and beauty and it is ageless, formless that nourishes my spirit. One has to feel it- it can't come packaged in a size, it can't be defined by the colour of one's skin, or the length of one's hair... or all those small and big things that the media tells us is considered 'beautiful'?
My world is beautiful, the people in it are beautiful and I think their happiness reflects on me.

But it wasn't always like this. In high school I used to indulge in self loathing and there were days when I used to feel so depressed. Always comparing myself to others, wishing that i looked a certain way and was perceived a certain way... I was so unsure of myself and under-confident, constantly putting myself down and overly stressing about my looks. Now when I look back I wish someone had told me what I want to tell little girls today- that beauty really is a reflection of your inner state of mind. If one is confident and happy, it reflects! I think there is too much of sorrow, self doubt in this world and I have been through it. I would never want other little girls to put themselves through the mental agony of having to fit themselves into some socially approved definition of 'beauty.' So if you are reading this and it makes you smile so hold that beautiful.. =D your smile might mean the world to someone!
If you are a boy or a girl, compliment someone today. And spread the message of positive body image to little girls out there.

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