Sometimes , I just wish to turn up to those people whom i left talking coz of the silly joke they cracked out , silly enough to be tolerated . coz they made me felt less important about myself . To whom I gave a lot of priority because I felt Not being a part of their lives will make them realise what it meant to be around a happy gal . But now when I notice & see that their lives have gone so pale & sluggish . My presence did matter to them & they was a ray of happiness in their lives .
But again , The question of being taken granted by them when I was with them makes you feel saddened . Not all value others as much as I do comes and strikes my mind .
Is it all worth to talk to them once again & lay back happiness in their lives .
Or my adamant Attitude will force me to be like why shall you again care back ? because I'm like stone hearted & things that are over means the end of the chapter & moving forward ?
Why m i getting affected then ? Or I shall stop laying stress on my thoughts .
I don't know but I just wish the ones I left talking to are happier in their lives & their is some positivity , joys & happiness in their lives . Coz Going back to their lives might questions my values or I shall stop caring much coz maybe they are more practical & smarter than me the way they think but liveliness and happiness are not everyone cup of tea. Only People with big hearts & selfless care for others can do that . ;')
But then again , Maybe my care would have done loads to them .Make them feel gud enough about themselves & they could achieve a lot in their life just coz of the support u give to them . Coz Ego & attitude will not matter once they are gone away from the lives & they are dead ? Will that matter ? What will matter is 'Why have I not shown them the care & love ? ' Maybe That would have given a much support & love to them bt why do they refused listening when you everytime paid heed to them & loved.
Again , Do your part well & stop expecting is that The thing I should believe in ?
coz you can't hurt them in no way .
Whatever just wanna chill myself that everything happens for good . Just stop emphasizing so much .
This status is meant for all those who aren't a part of my life . Those who hurt me but then again , I never had the guts to do the same . But I just walked away from their lives . but then also, I wish happiness & Good will in their lives.
Coz Life is momentary & I just wanna do good as much as I can till M alive .