"Knowing our limitations is not limiting ourselves!"

I have always heard that success comes to the hard working person, but I have seen many people getting success without any hard work. May be I have misunderstood the situation all this time; success may or may not come to a person who does not work hard for it but if a person works hard he will definitely get what he wants. Now the important thing here is he should know what his goal is!! 

"Hence if a person knows what he is working for and he works hard for it, inevitably he will achieve his goal."

So, the question is why and how is it guaranteed? 

One logic that comes to my mind is that when a person actually works hard in a particular direction he comes to understand, know his limitations; once this is known to him he can work on or around this limitations. It is just a matter of time for him to achieve success!!

 I guess this why people say:

"Hard Work conquers all, every human can be successful."


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