There are moments, certain ,moments like these when all you wanna do is leave all fuck and howl out loud... When the world doesnt mattr anymore...
You don't need to be with any one; no matter how much you'd be in love with them.
When your heart craves for solitude in place of that bear hug.

What is art, they don't know. What all effort has gone behind a small piece of article... The tears or blissfull moments that house the making of a poem... I wish they could see through.
Yes, this world seems austere to me... Seems frightening to me. And all these faces haunt me night and day. The voices echo in my head, a threatening story.
I really long to be alone... rather away from this world... and the cattle class.

You share with them a crap piece of gossip and 10 heads would turn around in your direction for the great news. You tell them your work of art won certain recognition, achieved certain heights; they won't give a damn.

These are the people I am with. This is what I refer to as the cattle class.
People who've never cared to dream, to create... and those who would never even care to admire some great piece of art.
People who live like those helpless tamed animals... Forced into lives that's not the least as per their wish. And how can something ever be as per their wishes... I never saw them wish for themselves. I never saw them dream for themselves. I never saw them speak for themselves. I would never see them fight for themselves.
How would someone appreciate love, if he's never experienced it in his life? How would someone appreciate what I write, if he's never created anything in his life?

This is why I long for solitude... Because the people from whom I'm asking for some attention, would never even understand me. Because all they care about is a crap piece of gossip.

And I don't wanna show them my tears... Because someone who's never cried an earnest cry would never appreciate someone's priceless tears.

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