I don’t know how many of us felt this, but surely I can speak for myself. When I was single, I used to crave for someone special , whom I can say of my own. It was a terrible pain for me when I not only suffer from loneliness but also felt a void in my life. I needed someone more than a friend. But actually brain can’t determine whom, when or how you would fall for, your heart does it all. I came to know of my hearts indication but was still confused( I have written a story about my love story also). I more or less panicked as we all do in love. My greatest fear was to lose her even as a close friend. But all my problems were solved at a correct time may be with help of some luck or divine intervention.
All lovers ( mainly boys) suffer an unknown fear before proposing their dreamgirls. Sweaty hands, raised heartbeats, hiccups while speaking with the girl and bla bla bla..---all these are common symptoms in such cases. We all might have thought that this proposal part is the most difficult part in case of love. But the truth is –not at all. Saying ` I LOVE YOU’ can only initiate a relationship, but the challenging task is to keep that relationship and make it last and healthy. All I mean to say this that once you are in a relationship you will have responsibilities, fights and most importantly issues regarding your privacy and space in that. In such a scenario you will be tested and if you can pass your partner will be yours forever.
I am in a relationship for more than two and a half years. So I have some experiences. What i have learnt is that no one is perfect. So they will make mistakes. And if you can manage or adjust or accept him or her with his or her ups and downs in character...that will be a bingo! Congratulation ! then you are each others. What mistakes we make, have importance surely as we have to learn from it but most important is to love each other truly, madly and deeply.When love, honesty and trust spice up a relationship it will be always healthy whatever may be the challenges are. It will be an eternal love.
I don’t know about my future with her. I have faults and she has too. But I believe from deep in my heart that as long as we can love each other passionately we will always be together

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