Happiness! Who doesn’t want happiness in their life? Everyone wants to be happy!

Yesterday, I asked a friend of mine, why would she always curse things and looked so unhappy. She told she was tired of leading such life. 'Such', I asked her to elaborate. She remarked, if one needs to be happy, they must have, the latest cell, trendy bike etc.. I was damn shocked and thought to myself what foolish people I have around! I explained her, but of no use, her mindset was fixed.

Happiness! Where is it?
Yes. Happiness can’t be bought or purchased; it can only be cultivated within you. The real happiness, joy, peace, contentment, everything lies within you. We are so deeply immersed, in sense-life, that we have lost power of our inner peace and harmony. Happiness is not always materialistic. Its abstract. Materialistic happiness, that's neither real nor lasting. Be true to yourself and do what your heart says, do what you love and do what makes you satisfied. Yes. 'Contentment is the true happiness !'.

Looking at the blue- grey sky, cuddling a new born baby, nap on your mom's lap, enjoying your favorite music, walking in the morning breeze, enjoying the nature, fun with friends, being in arms of your loved ones etc, are these not sublime?

To be happy, 'Use things and not people; Love people and not things.'
Don't be happy for a reason, It ends when it’s over;
Be happy without any reason;
So that it remains for all seasons..
"The quest for happiness itself is the real cause for unhappiness".
So stop seeking, Start living!!

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