Quantum Mechanics: The World of Quantum Computing

Today I will be discussing about the world the world of quantum computing and how quantum computer works. Well if you study the classical computing you will find that these computers calculate a process or a complete command on the basis of their bits these bits are 1 and 0. These units or the binary numbers enables the classical computers to work and compute different type of things. Now the difference is that a quantum computer works on the rules of quantum world or more radically the principle of quantum superposition, as I have discussed in my earlier posts that what is meant by quantum superposition so let me just move to the concerned topic. A typical quantum computer works on the basis of a qubit, it can be a electron or a proton or any quantum particle, we know that a particle can spin both in upwards and in downwards direction.

Let us take an electron for example it exerts a electromagnetic charge and is a electrified particle now it is used as a qubit, in a classical computer the number can be either 1 or 0 they cannot be but in a quantum computer they can be 1 and 0 both at a same time and that what happens a electron can be spinning at both the directions at a same second or at any time it can be at any energy state. This very thing gives quantum computers power to calculate things beyond our imagination and calculate them to limits of eternity.

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