Quantum Mechanics: the Theory of Quantum Leap

Today in this new series of posting I will be discussing about all the complex quantum equations as well as theories and my first topic will be the quantum leap. May be many of you are very well familiar of this term but then also this must to be described on a science blog. Now getting on the topic Quantum leap is something which was basically developed by a great scientist Neils Bohr He was a brilliant man but not of my favorites. He described the formulations of calculating the position of electron uncertain! Well this was a crazy idea but it is truth and this is what is quantum uncertainty proved by double slit experiment this theory shook up the minds of physicists and is in extreme effect till now. And now Bohr presented his model of atom a quantized view he said that electrons have certain orbits on which they move as they get closer to the nucleus of the atom they lose their energy and the most amazing thing is that you can’t state that where he electron would be in its orbit it is uncertain it can be anywhere in any state we cannot say that it will be coherent or not this is called quantum superposition. Whenever a electron leaps its orbit because off any bond formation or by photoelectric effect this is called quantum leap. Every time it moves a change in energy is faced by the electron.

Quantum Entanglement

Now another mystery was that if for example an electron is kept beside a TNT charge and an electron in empty space far away from the first one. When the charge is blown the electron will be destroyed and simultaneously the second one will also be destroyed. This bizarre phenomenon was called quantum entanglement Bohr said that this is unpredictable that in what state or in what condition those electrons are, they will destroy. Let us take a spinning wheel which has only blue and red sectors all over and this wheel is between the entangled particles. This wheels red and blue sectors represents the particles if the wheel is made in action may be the result will be blue or may be blue. Bohr said that it was probable to get an outcome. Einstein thought it was ridiculous if you a have a pair of gloves and pack them in two different case which are sent far from each other. Now if you open one you can guess what is in other one without opening it, It means if you measure one you can observe the other entangled particle without examining it………..

Well now I am ending my first post in this series next time I will be posting on “String theory”
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