Life revolves around questions ?????????

When we were kids we had so much to ask to our parents ,teachers and everyone who we thought was capable of answering them . And in due course of our education we kept on answering in exams , tests , class work and homework .The whole life is a ? Either we are questioning or answering those who question us . Either our boss is asking or our subordinates are asking , either our spouse is asking or our children so the chain continues forward or backward depending on different ambiance and situations .

Some questions are polite some are asked in anger while few are sarcastic enough to pinch and some are good when we know what to answer.

One should be skilled enough on how to answer a question similarly dexterous to put up the question . The corporate world thrives on open ended and close ended questions to close those big deals .

Our job, our recruitment all depends on interview questionnaire . Our performance is a big question.Our conversation ,communication , curiosity all have questions . We can not survive without questions . Questions are at the base of our professional life and personal life . Politics , media ,policing all thriving on queries and every second I wonder how many of them are put up in this world .. Some remain unanswered some are replied properly and some are lost .

Strange is the world of questions ...




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