I have rhymes for times that were tough
When i was always stressed out
And things were rough
But even when things got bad
Im just glad that Jesus got my back
I aint concerned about makin stacks
Even when the money comes in im givin it back, to the church, cuz for Christ i put in work, put in work, yeah i put in work
Christ is my savior
He reminds me to correct my behavior
I need to learn to love my neighbor
Please forgive them for they know no better, im thinkin to myself as im writing this letter, that i have struggles in life, im not any better, than the person next to me, i shouldnt treat people as bad without reason to be, cuz they could be, just like me, Christ helped me see, how things can be, ive seen his glory first hand, Christ is the man, the Father, Heaven is where i wanna go when its my departure, ill say amen in this rhyme as i come to the end of the verse like how itll be im the end times, amen

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