Today I was traveling by train which wasn't a new thing to me.
I was standing on the support of the entry side wall. I was looking outside ,observing the things in motion. Suddenly an idea stroke my mind and that's what this article is all about.
While the train was moving ahead the air was blown backwards at the sides. This air should have approximately the same speed as that of the moving train.
I was thinking that if somehow we could utilize this high velocity air , we could easily generate electrical power from that.

I came up with following plan for this application.

We first of all need to have the trains with automatic door closer. As the setup that I intend to propose might prove to be a safety compromising if the doors are open and people are allowed to lean outwards.

We can place small closed fans like we use in generating Wind energy at the side of rail path. This setup works exactly like the Wind Energy generators but the only difference in that to rotate turbine we depend on natural wind which is highly unreliable and non-uniform. But our source of wind is very reliable and even uniform in contrast to natural source.

Whenever the train passes along our fans or turbines placed everywhere on the both side of the train travel route , it blows the air in opposite direction of movement continuously and speedily which will in turn rotate the fan and fan will be connected to power generators. This moving fan can be used to generate electricity. If efficiently and carefully designed this setup can generate large volume of electricity that trains use to operate. I think at least 50% of the used power can be re-obtained. This power cannot be used to run the train due to its low capabilities but can have many other applications.

I wish it was implemented. It is not only a most optimal but also very practical and viable alternative source of energy.

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