After so much of heat and humidity, there is always a Koolness and Water droplets pouring around. This is the season, where love is flowing like air, some foods is made with so desire, and softonic music that take us to another world where everything is fair.

The first drop of rain on soil,
and smell makes my breathe so toil(Dig into its smell),
going so deeper and deeper,
making me so healthier.

Such a romantic season, Romance is the only reason, people love to do, But being single, what other things a single person could do??? Friends are there to do fun, Party is the only thing, they ask everyone. Roaming around the street with them, later teasing the couple that are ignoring them.. Lot of giggles and chiggles, Saying Fu**ing and killers, to each others, such form of love also exists then why girlfriend bothers....

Rain is such a cherishable season that make every moment memorable....

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