Its so been a hustled evening,
when your sources gather, integrating;
I place the chair in my balcony;
A coffee, brewed with magnanimity!

Looking at you, get not to see the sun;
Happy, the hotter the coffee;
the more the ambient;
waiting for you to splash, you beauty!

Now when the drop lands on my cheek;
the nature drapes me, the cold 'warm'!
As I sip the coffee;
I happen to forget the scene that beholds!

As I see you, believe that you are the sovereign,
at the orders of whom, i cannot accept my own denial;
Pull me, pull me rain, as you so befittingly do,
I choose to be drenched with the love that you down pour.

Now when you are getting so heavy,
energizing the cascade down my cheeks;
I cannot jolt myself back, defying,
You make me smile, so alluring.

I see millions of droplets,
carrying me back, only to remind,
that nature always was my attorney, perhaps mankind,
for any drudgery that involved.

I cannot hold my senses anymore,
the last drop of coffee moves down my throat,
I rise, my legs reluctant to walk,
they make me run, perfectly cajoled!

I stand there in the middle of the road,
neighborhood kids push themselves in,
the perfect steps to be put,
the perfect reminiscence to be registered!

How often i wish, my partner by my side,
the ballet to performed?!
perfect background, perfect situation,
unintended constraints, the perfect smiles!!

But this aura is not even less,
the kids disguising the perfect steps;
the people with their natural smiles,
the nature owning it all!

I see up in the sky, the clouds still united,
thundering and lightening, the perfect applauds,
for the grand show;
What else in the world would stay so intact?

Pull me, pull me rain,
let me get that feel of love you down pour;
drape me in the unblemished affection,
will wait for you to splash, you beauty!

Tags: Nature, Happiness

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