May it be hard, may it be dark.
The song maybe dead and gloomy of the lark.
Finding yourself behind the line
Finding yourself alone sometimes.

Never a shadow is strong enough to conceal the sun
Rather it hides tattered, shattered, dissipated and burnt.
Do now as you did when you were a child
dust yourself off and try walk the toys behind.
Lift for the things beyond your reach
bruised and tired returning to your keep.

Waiting for the night to sink and peace to drown.
Laying in your bed with dreams at bay, darkness surrounds.
Breaking the silence with a hum and the heart.
Glimpse the empty room, for its too dark.
The night brings shadows, seeking life, you think.
But even a small bear can be your saving light, in a blink.

Tags: Hope, Ray, LIFE, Night, Dark, Light

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