The name alone suggests what the write up is all about.
It all started yesterday when I co-incidentally spotted Shalini, my childhood friend in the same shopping mall where I was shopping. We went to a coffee shop to chat over a cup of coffee. Shalini and I, we were book lovers and had literally fought with the secretary of our society when he refused to set up a library in our society. I was meeting Shalini after 3 years.
“Which book have you read last?” I asked sipping from my cup.
“Oh! Come on. Reading books is so old fashioned. Every good book is adapted as a film. So why read the book better see the film.” Shalini said.
I knew that some people did consider reading old fashioned but I had no idea that Shalini too. Everyone says that imagination has become rare. Yes, why not. When we read a book like ‘THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA’ the writer actually wants us to imagine a place like Narnia but the movies make our work easy, they show a place like Narnia and we believe it to be.
There are several possible reasons. Earlier books were source of information as well as entertainment due to the lack of internet and television but now both are available at just a click.
I had gone to a library but was pained to see that it was going to shut due to lack of interest.
So is it wrong to say that books which were once given as souvenirs and prizes are now kept at a corner and no one even has the time to dust it. Is not now justified to say that reading books which was once a very popular hobby is being forgotten?
Seeing for the first time that a hobby is getting endangered.

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