People say that real happiness is difficult to obtain. They say that happiness is got by doing this and that. That you get it when you do something good. While this is true I think there is more to this. I agree that this is the way most people obtain happiness, but for me it is a little different. For me, happiness can only be felt, not got. It is a feeling of pure contentment. If you find it hard to visualize let me give you an example. Look at a young calf playing with its mother. Look at someone helping a blind person or an old person crossing a street. Look at a little baby laughing loudly. Look at a bird chirping on a tree. What do you feel? Do you feel warm? Do you feel a tiny smile spread on your face? If you do feel this way then this is real happiness. Many may not agree with me, but some do.
There are many levels to happiness. You may feel so happy that your heart might explode. Or it may be just a tiny spark in the darkness. The feeling that starts as a small lick in your heart and spreads to each and every surface of your body, now that is real happiness. It is hard and easy to feel this. All you need to do is open your heart and love everyone. It is a risk to keep your heart open, for people may hurt you. But without risking yourself you cannot experience it. If you are narrow minded or shallow you can rarely feel this. This warmth is spontaneous. It just happens.
For me, the smallest things brings me real happiness. I feel happy when I get things I want, but the happiness from the smallest things always matter to me. Hugging my mother as soon as I get up; petting a little dog or any other animal; watching the stars twinkle at night; having the sun bright and warm on my face after a cold night; seeing a flower bloom. I know I am having a simple mind and many may ridicule me, but these are the things which make me feel warm. These are the things which make me feel happy.
The important thing is to open up your heart and mind to all life. Then you will see that they fill you with happiness. If you cannot understand this, then do as I say. Lock yourself in a dark room. Close all the windows and doors. How does it feel? Constricted? Hard to breathe? Dark? Lonely? This is the feeling you will have if you have closed yourself to every living thing. Now open the door and run outside to the sun. Take a deep breath. Do you feel elated? Do you feel as if a big darkness has lifted off? At this moment everything around you seems beautiful and pretty, right? That is how you must be towards everything and everyone. When you are open, you can be filled with all the happiness. You can feel the warmth and content. You can feel happiness radiating through you.
It is always the little things that gives you real happiness. I am not saying that big things won't. They will. But this kind of happiness lasts longer. It is more real. Start with the little things, open yourself and experience real happiness.

(I am not hoping to offend anyone here. These are just my views on real happiness)

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