A little boy who lived in the mountains
found an eagle'nest in a tree.
In the nest there was an eagle's egg.
The boy took the egg home and placed
it in a hen's nest . After being placed
under a succession of setting hens,
the eagle's egg finally hatched,
along with the chicken eggs.

The baby eaglet played with the baby chicks
and of course thought he is just like them.
Since the eaglet believed he is a chicken,
he , of course , lived and acted like a chicken.
He did not try to fly,but remained
with the chicken in the fenced -in chicken yard.

As the eagle grew bigger and stronger,
there comes a realisation inside him
that made him feel that he is more than a chicken
he feels urge to fly.
After a few tries, the eagle began to believe
he really could fly.

Because he believed he can - he can !
So he stretched his mighty wings
and began to fly...higher...higher
until he reached on the top of a lofty mountain.
Because he believed in a greater destiny,
He knew he was not a chicken.

Are You Chicken Or Eagle ?

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