So after receiving 100s of humms on my posts, I have decide to analyze the probable reasons why people would poll Humm on a post (without any complains/hate messages in the author poll column) :

1. They don't like the post. The most obvious and the most important reason. It's acceptable. there's a comment option, comment and let me know what you didn't like about it, Mr. Hummer.

2. They don't understand what is written. Happens with all of us. At some point we ALL must have thought "What the shit is this?", "This is non-sense", "It doesn't make sense" and stuff like these. Good english and complex words could be a reason, people who are lazy to google the words often poll humm and leave.

3. They don't agree with what's written. Some posts hurt our sentiments, posts written about religion, politics, marriage, sexuality etc are a few examples. They get offended and poll humm to show that they're against your post. However, they'll NOT come forward to let you know the reason or have a discussion about it.

4. They don't know what humm means They are new to WB, probably and as a first timer, they are just experimenting.

5. They know what Humm means. They know how much score does it carry (which is only 1) and they don't want your post to reach on the top (if it's good that is)

6. They enjoy polling Humm. Yep! They enjoy seeing people go sad about being polled humm and would secretly log in to poll humm on 10s of your posts in just one minute.

7. They know you. They know who you are, and probably have had a heated discussion in the past. They so have decided to poll every post of yours as Humm irrespective of whether it is good or bad, they've read it or not, it deserves a speechless or a Humm. They've decided so they've decided.

8. They have nothing to do. They're probably unemployed and have nothing to do. So they decide to login to WB and come across this Humm option, and as a regular routine, poll Humm on all posts.

9. They like it. They'll poll Humm and will comment as well, they like to do it. To ignite a spark which ultimately grows into fire. They would comment on your posts 100 times, talk non-sense, prove their point, abuse, argue and eventually get insulted and leave. It's their favourite time-pass. Kindly refer to point 8.

If you think there could be other reasons, Inbox me and I might just include it here. Keep writing... Writing is Fun ;)

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