From your goofy smile to laughs
That makes your face marvel
From that husky voice to shivers
That makes me go gaga

A sing-a-song spell you cast
That makes me mellow
A voice to interrupt my thoughts
That brings me back to life
Aah, coming back to you

The stories that you make
The way you act so naïve
The things you simply crave for
And the fairytale that you sketch
Aah, my prince charming

From flirting to a tad too little touch
That makes your eyes twinkle
From those hugs to kisses
That makes me oomph

The random crap that I say
My daily useless tit-bits for hours and hours
You always give it your expertise hearing
Aah, that makes me swoon
Over you, all over you

The way you spoon with me
The way you smell on me
The tenderness, that ferocity
The way you feel into my skin
Aah, I miss those big time

From correcting my pronunciations
To teaching me how to cook certain dish
From pampering me with words and what not
To teaching me how it is to make love
Aah, can I still find more reasons to love you even more?

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