The bag was all packed. Toiletaries,clothes ,camera,a few novels and a diary. It was midnight. He knew his parents wouldn’t agree. So he wrote a note and left it on his desk. Tomorrow when they get to know about it ,he will be far away.

Ayan is an average college kid who has as much a uneventful life as one can get. Middle class parents,regular classes, hangouts with college buddies and coaching. He was a average guy with average grades  and expectations. Who would have thought a guy like him would be able to do such thing?But everyone has a hidden persona perhaps. A chain to be broken, a burden to be freed from.

Ayan switched off his smartphone and threw it on the bed..”Pretty dangerous thing is this smartphone.. Isnt it? Keeps you glued to it whether you want or not”,he thought...But he is going off the radar.A smile of satisfaction was on his face.

He looked at the  photo of Him and his parents, hanging on the wall facing him. A lie it was..But still a lie he wants to hold on to. They never got along..His parents..They fought like all the time and made his life miserable too.

“ I was a fool to stop them from taking divorce. Its better to live like  humans than fighting like animals”,He now realizes.

 He was afraid ,lonely and broken. And his heart ached every time his friends would brag about their trips and outings with their family, every time their parents would take them to parks . Partly he was responsible for his pain too. He never really allowed himself to be happy. He never lived..It was just an existence where he hid behind lies and made up stories.

Well it doesn’t matter now. He had finally made peace with his heart.  And they became friends. It had said to him it would be at peace if he let go.So he would do exactly that….let go. It was time to get lost abandoning all the boring regularities,anxieties and nothingness.

He  suddenly remembered their  last family trip.”God! that was like a decade ago.”,he calculated.

 “ Life is like a book and a man who doesn’t travel reads only one page.”, he once saw the quote on HIKE. And  here he is. Gearing up for the most daring and uncharacteristically adventurous thing he has ever done in hope of finding a new meaning of life. He was going for a solo trip. A trip where he is not in contact with the familiarity, not even with parents.. It was the gateway for finding himself.,a journey with his soul and conscience as his companions.


He tiptoed out of the house. It was really cold outside..He pulled the hoodie up and started walking through the foggy night.

He hoped he would comeback a changed person, may be even a happy person.. He hoped he would comeback with lots of stories to share. And this time those stories wouldn’t be made up.




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