You are gone now,
Nothing of your body remains.
Yet you live in me,
A part of your soul has replaced mine.
I remember our walks,
When I used to talk a lot.
You used to wag your tail and listen,
Giving me comfort and warmth of company.
You are gone now,
Yet how can I forget you.
Your head on my stomach in blissful sleep,
The shake of your hand with mine.
I feel you in the night air as it touches me,
Never have I missed you so much.
I see your face in every pet I meet,
Your significance will run in my blood.
You are gone now,
There would be no more tugs of war.
My steps would be muffled,
In your remembrance for years to come.
For all the moments and memories,
I will be thankful to you,my best buddy.
Hope I receive the gift of your bark someday,
Till then,I will embrace you in my own small way.

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