Our elders are strangely resilient, are they not??
My dadi just underwent an open heart surgery at the age of 90!!
This is the oldest age that even the doctor had operated upon! But strangely, she’s recovering faster than a 50 year old!
Our elders knew the secrets to good health. Most of them do live to ripe old ages. And us now??
30 year olds dying of a heart attack, a 35 year old teacher getting a brain haemorrhage, 40 year old obese people fighting with diabetes and high blood pressure!
Where did we go wrong?? Where did we lose them?? Their knowledge, their fitness secrets??
Our elders surprisingly are stronger physically and mentally than we will ever be. They can take on any adversity while the smallest one will break us.
Ancient Hindus used to live for a surprisingly long time. Mahabharata was fought by the pandavas when they were in their 60’s. Krishna lived to be a 137 or so. Even today, most of our elders live to be in their 80’s or 90’s!
So where did we lose the thread?? Our heritage?? Did the westerners destroy our love for what’s Indian? Distanced us from what was truly good for us?
I don’t know... but i wish that we paid a little more attention to what was in us, around us.
They reaped the benefits of the Vedas, of Yoga, of everything good. Why do you think so many hippies flocked to India??
I know I’m rambling. But sometimes I just wished we valued our indianness a little more. Proud to be us rather than try and be like them!

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