A few days ago had I come across a post wherein a man (Or some teenager, I am not concerned with that part) got ditched by a girlfriend of him and then he says towards the last that now all he cares for in a woman is her body.
That offends me much.
A woman is a woman, has a soul of herself and no matter how much someone hurts you, you are no one to decide all others would be the same and hence they are all pieces of flesh meant to be used by men and then the bones thrown away. Never!

I agree all women are not messengers of GOd, or Angels from heaven possessing all- beauty inside as outside. Perhaps many women are mean, they have hurt men and peer women as well, friends turned foes, but yet no one, not even the women so bad, have the right to be seen that way. Like seriously, what the world is coming to? Men craving to get into a relationship just to fulfill sexual thirst, and when done with it, they are thrown away to repent!
Dear men, women are just like you- no difference except for physical features! They are sober like you, attractive like you, modern like you, and can be cruel like you are too.
Stop hating women and seeing them this way, 'cz then, I guess you too have parents or sisters in your family.

-Meant for all Men
A Woman!

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