Sometimes life is about a flowing river, chirping birds and a boundless sea. A calm, quiet and a serene surrounding. Is that all we want? No, it is not, not in my case at least. I expected things to happen, I still don’t know whether they were right or wrong, but they definitely did not fall at the right place. Prior to having begun writing this, I was wondering how to express my thoughts. There finally seems to be a story line. A story based on the recent incident of my life.
After having spent a substantial time of one and a half years in Delhi and the usual mundane schedule of home to college and back to work had made life dull for me. I had been anticipating for something in particular, but I suppose all moments have their right time. As they say, time is never constant.
It was September 2011, the time for festivals of all colleges of Delhi University. That was the time when I was acquainted to someone and for the first time felt genuinely interested in him, someone I was keen to know about. The day was 11th September 2011. A huge thanks to Vodafone service of free messages, we chatted throughout the night and every message left a smile on my face while remaining clueless of the effect on the other side. After getting to know each other better, there was a change in me; my smiles were bigger and longer, marked by deep thoughts without any change in my feelings. Time passed and I started living in a fairy tale, a fairy tale where Cinderella found the man of her life in order the shoe fitted her. Fairy tale don’t exist, even I knew that but sometimes you walk on the path knowingly or unknowingly that you will fall, that’s a beguiling irony which trapped me in its maze. But I was enjoying it all together.
Our bantering was not scheduled for every day; I would call it ‘The Saturday Talks’. Life was unexpectedly so much fun. I had a thousand reasons to smile and be happy. Everything felt just good and at peace.
Time rolled by when he finally asked me out for coffee on October 15, 2011. The best or probably the worst lay ahead of me. We met at the nearest coffee house. Beginning with the funniest part; we were not able to find each other and I was expecting him in every passer-by. At last, we met. Finally, we were facing each other with me at a loss with my words. The two hours there with him were wonderful.
Time seemed to fly by then. There was so much I wanted to tell him. How I wanted to spend some more time.
Unlike the fairy tale romances, not every story has a happy conclusion. Neither did this one.
I still don’t know what went wrong, we just lost contact. Perhaps there were some hidden misunderstandings, which I have not been able to realize. But experience is what I call it. I still live in my fairy tale, the difference is I know there is no Raj of Ddlj neither I am simran.
Suddenly the metallic clatter of pots and pan began nibbling at the edges of stillness and then I realized its morning tea time, the dream was over. With a shock on my face I was back to reality.


Tags: Fiction

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