What a strange topic it looks,
On first glance, it seems to be meaningless,
But this is story, a very common story,
And, is a real one, not from books.
It defines the conditions of two humans,
Humans with all similarities, but a difference,
First one is well to do; other is poor and deprived,
This is not a concocted story, and has many meanings implied.
The strange part, the as astonishing part of tale,
How destiny plays a role, I am going to remove that veil,
Both of them when suffers from any physical pain,
And when things become tough, all efforts go in vain.
One seizes all his work and takes the rest,
Other doesn’t has money, even for necessary medical test,
One takes appropriate medicines, enjoys a holiday,
Other thinks, what will his family eat, if he will not work that day.
The first one receives lots of get well soon wishes,
Other one has around him, family members with tensed faces,
The members are worried for food more than him,
He also knows that his work is a necessity of living.
This is the situation in our society,
This is where money wins over humanity,
One finds scolding and cutting of wages,
Other gets wishes for his long ages.
How long will this discrimination go?
Why because of money, man is becoming man’s foe?
When will that golden morning come?
When all will be treated equally, despite varying income,
When all will get equal liberty and respect,
When, “rich-poor” will be treated equally, in each aspect.

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