It seem like ages since I wrote something. There are times in your life when you want to express yourself so much but fall short of words. In those situations, you suffocate within and are on constant look for a mode to be able to communicate what you are thinking. It so happens that with time you start to doubt your own capability. I wouldn't deny this as my present situation.

It's not an easy task to wear a mask of smile when you know from within you're collapsing. It is not the outer world that can be blamed for the condition rather the reason lies within. There are moments in everyone's life where nothing seem right though things may be turning good for people around you. You so happen to survive on a hope that doesn't guarantee a safe trip to the other side. Despite that, you hold that hope with confidence and walk on a dark tunnel taking caution steps.

Every day I wake up with a hope that things will be right today but realise it just as an illusion; a truth that I dream of every night. People say it bad times shape you for good, and I believe it is the time when my life is taking a sharp turn to the better place that lies way ahead of my vision. In the recent past, my doubt has stopped me to express myself on paper. I started to believe that my writing hold no great emotion and structure that can hold readers for long.

My dream of becoming a well known writer was turning into an abandon house where no living spirit can reside when a ray of hope changed everything. It seemed like a angel spirit that comes to your rescue when you actually need a help. It ignited the lost writer within me and showed me a path ahead that gave me enough courage to stand and walk towards my goal. I am distinct and that makes me 'ME'. There are times when you want to just give up but peeping inside can turn the table around. Never give up on your dreams but do change the path if you are not certain of it. It is one's belief that takes him/her to the goal.

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