All employees shall have the right to crib about their employment and any other thing related to their employment.


Notwithstanding anything mentioned elsewhere the above provision is applicable to the whole of India including the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.


For the purposes of this section the term employee includes but not limited to, government employees, corporate employees, outsourced employees, and persons working on contractual basis etc.


For the purposes of this section the term employment means and includes Jobs, both public and private, Offices, bosses and any other thing as they deem fit.


Provided further that notwithstanding anything mentioned in any other law the above right shall remain in force in every circumstance/situation including and not limited to work from home and lockdowns.


 Appropriate action may be taken against any person who doesn’t comply with the provisions of this section or creates hindrances in the application of this section.


The authorities may from time to time amend the provisions of the above section.


PS: Think of your job and boss while reading this. This is just a humorous take.

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