[Scene 1]

(Changi Prison)

CONSTABLE 1 - Alright! Alright! everyone up! up I say!

(prisoners wake up)


(they line up and do their business)

O. CEO - (Walks by the constable).

CONSTABLE 2 - What're you looking at? go on!

K. CEO - How many days left?

CONSTABLE 2 - You both have six months.

K. CEO - Good to know.


O. CEO - (Makes a phone sign using hand).


K. CEO - Same.

CONSTABLE 2 - This way.

[Scene 2]

(Phone call booth)

CONSTABLE 2 - Enter in their numbers.

K. CEO - 9202 5495.

CONSTABLE 2 - (Enters in the number) Hello? Changi Prison, your ex boss wants to see you (drops the call). You?

O. CEO - 8194 9876.

CONSTABLE 2 - (Enters in the number) Hello? Changi Prison, your ex boss wants to see you (drops the call). They're coming.

(they both arrive - hiding their faces)


(Both CEOs pick up the phone and remain silent)


O. CEO - Privacy.

CONSTABLE 2 - Not here.

K. CEO - Company secret.

CONSTABLE 2 - Hmm....

O. CEO - We need the company running properly.

CONSTABLE 2 - Two minutes, and I'm back in.

K. CEO - Thank you.

(Constable leaves)

O. PA - (Face hidden) I'm here.

O. CEO - Good.

K. PA - (Face hidden) What is it?

K. CEO - New order.

K. PA - (Face hidden) It's been a while.

K. CEO - Infinity.....that's your order.

K. PA - (Face hidden) Information?

K. CEO - Send him in.

O. CEO - Team up, and execute.

O. PA - (Face hidden) Got it.

O. CEO - By the time I'm out: route clear. Got it?

O. PA - (Face hidden) Yes.

CONSTABLE 2 - Time up!

(CEOs drop the phone)

CONSTABLE 2 - Alright, back in!

[Scene 3]

(Infinity company building)

SIDDHARTH - (Walks out).

REPORTERS - Sir! Sir! Sir!


RICHARD - How many reporters are there?

JIA JUN - I'm guessing ten.

SIDDHARTH - Please, please, one at a time.

REPORTER 1 - We would like you to give us an insight about your fund contribution to the Singapore Haze issue.

SIDDHARTH - Five students from Chatsworth International School have submitted a design to the James Dyson Award competition and have won. We should do our part in supporting the youth, because they are more creative minds than us. Their idea of a giant dome to put out the forest fires in Indonesia is an excellent idea. Referring to the fire triangle: instead of getting rid of heat, you can get rid of oxygen. I believe it'll work more efficiently.


SIDDHARTH - Thank you (gets into the car). Chatsworth International School.

DRIVER - Yes, sir.

[Scene 4]

(Chatsworth International School)

PRINCIPAL - He's here! get ready!

SIDDHARTH - (Gets out of car).

PRINCIPAL - Welcome, sir.

SIDDHARTH - (Shakes hand) Thank you.

JOSHUA - Hi, sir. This is my team: Daniel and Thomas.

SIDDHARTH - Right then. Congratulations boys. Sir, I'm sponsoring the production for the dome design. (Hands them the cheque).

PRINCIPAL - $40 Million!

SIDDHARTH - Sponsor's gift. A great idea deserves a great amount of credit. I'll make arrangements for a production company, and get this on the line.

THOMAS - Thank you very much.

SIDDHARTH - My pleasure. One more thing: don't stop dreaming.

THOMAS - Okay.

SIDDHARTH - See you around. (leaves).

PRINCIPAL - (Looks at the cheque in amusement).

(in the car)

RICHARD - $40 million?

SIDDHARTH - I did what I did.

RICHARD - I thought so.

SIDDHARTH - (On the phone) Hello? okay....okay.....I-I'm on my way (drops the call).

RICHARD - What happened?

SIDDHARTH - We're receiving too many offers.

RICHARD - Branch offers.

SIDDHARTH - I just got a call from my PA, saying we got an offer for having a branch in Denmark.

RICHARD - Why not?

SIDDHARTH - What do you mean?

RICHARD - Why not accept those offers?

SIDDHARTH - I-I don't think I'm ready yet.

RICHARD - How come? you've already taken over Singapore.

SIDDHARTH - The next thing I want on my agenda, is having to deal with things going on all over the globe. I checked the previous 20 offers - if I sum it up, I have offers in Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania.

RICHARD - Well then, don't deal with it. Have a regional CEO.

SIDDHARTH - What did you say?

RICHARD - I mean....regional CEO. So like, you're the king of the whole company - but you have people dealing in specific regions.


RICHARD - Sounds good?

SIDDHARTH - (On the phone) Hello? yes.....arrange for a company meeting - half an hour or so.

RICHARD - Looks like we're going continental.

[Scene 5]

(Infinity Company Meeting Room)

(Everyone talking)


(everyone silent)

SIDDHARTH - Alright everyone, I've called you all here to discuss a very important matter. Over the past six months, we have received 20 offers.

ALL - Offers?

SIDDHARTH - Branch Offers.

(everyone's interested)

SIDDHARTH - Four continents: Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania. In Asia: Malaysia, India, Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia. In Europe: England, France, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, and Russia. North America: USA, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, and Guam. Oceania: Australia, and New Zealand.

ALL - (Whisper) Wow.

SIDDHARTH - I....avoided them for a while. Until, someone told me to use the opportunity.

RICHARD - (Smiles).

SIDDHARTH - I uh....don't know what to say. I-It's a team effort, so I won't be the only one making the decision. Just um...give me your "say-so". Should we take this to the next level? Should we leave things the way they are? you decide.

WORKER 1 - What's there to think about? let's do it.

WORKER 2 - For how long are we going to keep ruling Singapore? if we think big, we can achieve big.

WORKER 3 - The world isn't just Singapore. We need to know where we stand in the world. Let's make our mark. What do you all say?

ALL - Yes! let's do it!

SIDDHARTH - (Smiles) Consider your word, taken.

[Scene 6]

(Toby and Nick enter company building)

ASSISTANT - Yes, can I help you?

NICK - I-I'm here for an interview.


TOBY - M-Me too.

ASSISTANT - 10th floor, fifth office to your right.

TOBY/NICK - T-Thanks.

[Scene 7]

(Siddharth's office)

SIDDHARTH - (Playing with the Rubik's cube).

RICHARD - Interview, Siddharth.


RICHARD - Two people.

SIDDHARTH - Oh yes, yes. Call them in.

RICHARD - Toby, go in.

(Toby enters)

SIDDHARTH - Sit down. Now then, you're records.

TOBY - Here.

SIDDHARTH - (Checks them over) Great, Great. SMU graduate and IIM Graduate. That's great. Tell me about yourself.

TOBY - Well um...I-I've been looking for a job, for quite a while now.

SIDDHARTH - I can tell, you graduated 10 years ago.

TOBY - True.

SIDDHARTH - Why the wait?

TOBY - I was looking for the perfect job. All the other companies wanted me to become a PA, or a secretary. I'm cut-out to be a manager, not trying to brag or anything.

SIDDHARTH - Manager, I see.

TOBY - So I landed here, with hopes that I'll get a good post. Not putting much pressure am I?


TOBY - I-I'm sorry if I talked sentiment into you.

SIDDHARTH - Sentiments apart. I do require someone at a high post, to help me with something. A huge project that's going to take off soon. For that I'll need someone like you.

TOBY - S-So I get the job?

SIDDHARTH - You are appointed as my business partner - right next to me.

TOBY - What does that mean?

SIDDHARTH - We're thinking about it. I'm planning on having branches across four continents, and I'm thinking of having regional CEOs.

TOBY - (Excited).

SIDDHARTH - So yes, I'll um...talk you through our company and it's secrets, and get the ball rolling eventually.

TOBY - Thank you so much sir!

SIDDHARTH - You can join work from tomorrow itself.

TOBY - Thank you, bye!



(Nick enters)

SIDDHARTH - Take a seat. Now then, your records?

NICK - Here.

SIDDHARTH - Hmm.....that's quite strange. Y-You uh....friends with Toby?

NICK - Toby?

SIDDHARTH - You know, the guy that just came in.

NICK - Oh no. Sorry.

SIDDHARTH - My bad. It's just that, you both are getting a job 8 or 10 years after graduating. Just wanted to clarify that.

NICK - Oh.

SIDDHARTH - You have any reason for that?

NICK - Sir, I was busy sorting out my family's financial issues. We are quite poor.


NICK - Parents are both farmers. I had to sort their issues out with the banks, to clear their debts as well as helping my younger brother with his commerce work.


NICK - (Silent).

SIDDHARTH - What role do you wish to play in our company?

NICK - I-It's quite a big company. Tough competition. World is tough, what can I say? I don't want anything big, sir. If I can be the company's Chartered Accountant, it would be great.

SIDDHARTH - You sure? quite a small job.

NICK - I-It's okay. I mean, I'm already dealing with bigger problems with my family. I'm fine with just this. At least I can stick my chin up and say I'm an employee from Infinity.


NICK - Sorry.

SIDDHARTH - You got the job.

NICK - Sir!

SIDDHARTH - I'll see you at work tomorrow.

NICK - T-Thank you, sir! (leaves).

SIDDHARTH - (All alone, plays with his Rubik's cube)

[Scene 8]

RICHARD - (On the phone) Hello? yes, I'm sending the confirmation documents to the countries. Yes, thank you sir.

JIA JUN - What up?

RICHARD - We've received tender to open up the branches.

JIA JUN - Really?!

RICHARD - Tell Siddharth.

(Jia Jun rushes to Siddharth)

SIDDHARTH - Woah! slow down, what's up?

JIA JUN - We've received tender - to open up the branches.

SIDDHARTH - (Fist pump) Yes! Jia Jun, call the entire team. I need to propose something.

JIA JUN - Sure thing.

(Jia Jun leaves)

SIDDHARTH - (On the phone) Hello?

CATHY - (On the phone) Hi Honey! how's it going?

SIDDHARTH - (On the phone) I've got good news.

CATHY - (On the phone) What is it?

SIDDHARTH - (On the phone) We've gotten tender - to open up the new branches.

CATHY - (On the phone) Wow! t-that's great news!

SIDDHARTH - (On the phone) A-Are you busy right now?

CATHY - (On the phone) Not really....I-I mean, I just dealt with the Medical Students regarding the resources for their project. Nothing big, why?

SIDDHARTH - (On the phone) It's just that - this is something we should celebrate over. Make dinner reservations for tonight.

CATHY - (On the phone) Sure thing (kisses).

SIDDHARTH - (On the phone) (kisses) (drops the call).

[Scene 9]

(meeting room)

SIDDHARTH - Ehem! may I have your attention everyone? Good news! we've gotten tender to open up new branches.

ALL - (Applause).

SIDDHARTH - Thank you, thank you. Prior to that, I'm launching a branch team. We're dealing with four continents here. I don't want to take control for everything. You - I give you the chance to take control of these places. Toby, Jia Jun, Richard, and Derek - step forward.

(they step forward)

SIDDHARTH - (Shakes hand with Toby) Congratulations young man! you are going to be the regional CEO of North America.

ALL - (Applause).

TOBY - Thank you very much, sir.

SIDDHARTH - (Shakes hand with Jia Jun) You my friend, are going to be the regional CEO of Europe.

ALL - (Applause).

JIA JUN - Thank you, Siddharth.

SIDDHARTH - No worries. Next! we have Derek! you are going to be the regional CEO of Oceania.

ALL - (Applause).

DEREK - Thank you, Siddharth.

SIDDHARTH - And finally! I saved the best for last. Richard! you my friend are going to take over the main hub - Singapore! this very headquarters.

RICHARD - Thank you.

SIDDHARTH - And I....I will take Asia under my wing.

ALL - (Applause).

SIDDHARTH - This....this is our elite team. Everyone else! you will continue to keep up the good name of our very company. Don't worry if you're not chosen. You are all going to be in-charge of keeping the brain, intact.

ALL - Thank you, sir.

SIDDHARTH - My pleasure. You may leave, elite team - stay.

(everyone else leaves)

SIDDHARTH - Right then everyone. From tomorrow onwards we'll be working towards opening up the new branches. We've already received tender, now all that's left is to grow our new branches.

ALL - Yes.

SIDDHARTH - See you all tomorrow.

(Siddharth looks into the distance - through the window)

[Scene 10]

(Dinner at Marché - 313 Somerset)

(Siddharth and family - laughing/having fun)


JACOB - Daddy! let's go! they're going to run out!

SIDDHARTH - Alright, alright. Coming.

CATHY - What do you want?

AMY - I want apple juice.

CATHY - Food?

AMY - I'm not hungry.

CATHY - You've got to have something. You went on a field trip to Sentosa, you must be tired.

AMY - Pomodoro?

CATHY - Sure. Come along.

(waiting in line)

SIDDHARTH - (On the phone) Hello? Richard? yes, hi! how's it going? yes, yes. One more thing! could you book tickets for our flights? yes, tomorrow morning itself. We'll head our own directions. Inform the elite team. We kick-start everything from tomorrow itself. 6 months maximum for getting things sorted out - no longer. Yes. Thank you very much - bye! (cuts the call).

JACOB - Daddy! Rosti!

SIDDHARTH - Alright then. 2 Rosti, 1 with egg and 1 without egg.

SERVER - Here sir.

SIDDHARTH - Get the tray, son.

JACOB - (Gets the tray).

(at the table)

SIDDHARTH - What do we have here?

CATHY - Pesto pasta for me, and pomodoro for her.

AMY - And apple juice!

CATHY - And apple juice.

SIDDHARTH - Right then, where were we?

[Scene 11]

(Elite team getting ready for their flight tomorrow)

[Scene 12]

(Changi Airport Terminal 1)

(Elite Team shake each others hands)


(they head - check in, immigration, security check, flight take off)

[Scene 13]

(Back to back everyone giving speeches about company launches)


(Companies get up and running)

NEWS REPORTER - Infinity has opened new branches across Oceania, North America, Europe, and Asia. Extending their services to more people across the globe.

(People talking about this)

[Scene 14]

TOBY - (On the phone) Hello?

SIDDHARTH - (On the phone) How's it going? all good?

TOBY - (On the phone) Yes, going great. Thanks sir.

SIDDHARTH - (On the phone) Regional CEO....North America hehe.

TOBY - (On the phone) Thanks.

SIDDHARTH - (On the phone) Good luck.

[Scene 15]

PA - Sir! we have new matters to attend to.

TOBY - Yes?

PA - We're in need of a new innovation. It's been two weeks since we opened - the products are flying off the shelves.

TOBY - That's good news.

PA - If we start productions right now, we'll be just in time to release the new products.

TOBY - Right then. Group meeting.

[Scene 16]

JIA JUN - Right then everyone! very happy to have you all on board. The store products are literally flying off shelves. We're definitely in for a profit.

DEREK - This is going to be a great run for all of us.

SIDDHARTH - Any questions?

(The team all over the world get to work)

[Scene 17]

(Store assistants across the world)

I. ASSISTANT 1 - Yes sir? how can I help you?

CUSTOMER 1 - Looking for the InPhones.

I. ASSISTANT 2 - Yes ma'am? how can I help you?

CUSTOMER 2 - A phone suitable for my 12 year old son.

I. ASSISTANT 2 - Right this way.

(back to back - satisfied customers press the smiley face button on the feedback screen)

WORKER 1 - Oh! we just hit a million smiles on the feedback screen!

ALL - Yes!

[Scene 18]

TOBY - Right then. A new innovation, for Infinity of course. First, let's start with the InPhones - because they have created the biggest hype so far.

EMPLOYEE 1 - What's our budget, sir?

TOBY - You know our usual budget right?


TOBY - Reduce the budget by 25%

ALL - Wait what? why?!

TOBY - Guys! we do not require much money to create such excellent products. Think about it (takes out a newspaper) You see this newspaper? (tosses it on the meeting table). What's the use of this?

EMPLOYEE 2 - To tell the news.

EMPLOYEE 3 - Keep us up to date with current events.

TOBY - Why keep up with current events?

EMPLOYEE 4 - To keep us informed in times of danger.

TOBY - So....keeping us informed about acts of terrorism, kidnapping, murder, pick-pocket, and what not.

ALL - Yes.

TOBY - Hmm....when you go outside - what is the chance of finding a person who doesn't read or receive the newspaper?

ALL - (Back to back) Not a chance. We always find someone.

TOBY - Considered as a valuable tool?

ALL - (Back to back) Yes, Yes.

TOBY - And yet...(checks the price tag) Heh...only 50 cents.

ALL - (Stunned in amazement).

TOBY - You see? we don't need so much money to create something amazing. The newspaper is a perfect example of that. Instead, with all the remaining money...

EMPLOYEE 5 - Surplus!

TOBY - That comes with the help of a market, known as profit. Back to the point - with all the remaining money, we can extend our services even more.

EMPLOYEE 5 - Like?

TOBY - Philanthropy.

ALL - (Applause).

TOBY - To Infinity!

ALL - And Beyond!

TOBY - That's Disney.

ALL - Hahaha.

[Scene 19]

JIA JUN - Right then! let's get the production line running!

DEREK - Let's get the show on the road!

SIDDHARTH - Yes, we're on it!

(everyone is at work - producing the new products)

[Scene 20]


NICK - Yes sir?

RICHARD - Have you taken care of the accounts?

NICK - Yes.

RICHARD - Including the accounts from the beginning of production?

NICK - Yes, all are taken care of.

RICHARD - Good, good. Keep up the good work.

NICK - T-Thank you sir.

RICHARD - (Someone else) Hey! how is it going so far?

NICK - (Looks at Richard, and then looks at his accounts book)

[Scene 21]

(Education ministers across all four continents)

EDUCATION MINISTER - (In Chorus together) On behalf of this nation, and the nation's IB education system. We are proud to introduce the Kindle products into the system. Previously we have introduced the idea of laptops, now we're proud to introduce the kindle products. Much cheaper than the laptops, very convenient for reading, exploring, and expanding our vocabulary. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, parents, here's to kindle.

ALL - (Applause).

NEWS REPORTER - Infinity has expanded it's kindle services further into places such as Oceania, Asia, Europe, and North America - giving IB students across the four continents access to kindle. Currently, sources close to each hub state the following.....

NEWS REPORTER 1 - North America apparently is working on the new InPhone. Europe is working on producing the company's very first hybrid automobiles. Asia is working on the new air purifier. Oceania is working on the Eco House scheme.

(In Singapore)

CATHY - (Watching TV) Great.

AMY - Are they talking about daddy?

CATHY - Yes, dear.

JACOB - Go daddy!

[Scene 22]

(In North America)

P. MANAGER - Alright! Alright! how's it all going?

SUPERVISOR - Going well sir.

P. MANAGER - Which phase are you guys on?

SUPERVISOR - Fifth phase.

P. MANAGER - One more phase left, I see.

SUPERVISOR - The packaging container nets are yet to come. Expected day of arrival is in two days - they're coming from China.

P. MANAGER - I see.

[Scene 23]

(In Europe - Workers are working very hard)

SUPERVISOR - Check the durability.

(Workers test the automobiles)

P. MANAGER - Yay? or nay?

SUPERVISOR - I give it a "yay".

[Scene 24]

(Malls all over the world notice the product release dates for Infinity)

CUSTOMER 3 - Bro! it's coming!

CUSTOMER 4 - Get the sleeping bags ready! we need to get our hands on the new phones!

(everyone gets ready)

[Scene 25]

(Line queues in every Infinity store)

I. STORE OWNER - (Yawns) What time's it?

I. ASSISTANT - 4:30am.

I. STORE OWNER - (Checks outside) What the hell?

I. ASSISTANT - Yes I know.

I. STORE OWNER - How long have they been here?

I. ASSISTANT - Just half an hour ago, I think.

I. STORE OWNER - Boy, are we in for heavy cash.

I. ASSISTANT - You can say that again.

CUSTOMER 7 - Yo! are you opening up anytime now?

I. STORE OWNER - Hold it bub! it's not even 7!

ALL - Oh what? so long?

I. STORE OWNER - Oh god.

I. ASSISTANT - Change the opening time for today?

I. STORE OWNER - No choice. We have to.

I. ASSISTANT - Right then.

I. STORE OWNER - Fine then! we open at 6!

ALL - Yes!!

I. STORE OWNER - Now run along.....find a sandwich or a burger to choke on.

[Scene 26]

SIDDHARTH - (Conference Call) Hello Team! Siddharth here, how's everything going? the big opening is just around the corner.

TOBY - (Conference Call) Yes, Siddharth. All is well over here. 1:59pm here, and getting loads of calls from store owners - telling me about the huge queues and all.

SIDDHARTH - (Conference Call) That's great! Richard?

RICHARD - (Conference Call) Yes, 3:59am here. Watched a film to keep me up awake. Same here.

SIDDHARTH - (Conference Call) Jia Jun?

JIA JUN - (Conference Call) 3:00pm, here in Copenhagen. Automobiles are in for a hit. Huge queue everywhere.

SIDDHARTH - (Conference Call) Derek?

DEREK - (Conference Call) 5:59am. Just got a call, same thing all over.

SIDDHARTH - (Conference Call) Nothing much to say, are you all ready? for our first worldwide release?

ALL - (Conference Call) Yes.

SIDDHARTH - (Conference Call) Permission for stores to open - granted.

ALL - (Conference Call) Right.

[Scene 27]

(Every Infinity store around the world)

I. STORE OWNER - (On the phone) Right then, thank you (drops the call). Right then!! open the shutters!!

(they open the shutters)


I. ASSISTANT - Oh lord.

I. STORE OWNER - It's happening!

(Customers rush in to the store)

[Scene 28]

(Assistants dealing with customers, satisfied customers etc)

I. ASSISTANT - (Checks the cash total) Sir! we just hit 100 million!


TOBY - (On the phone) Oh really?! that's great! thank you very much (drops the call). (On the intercom speaker) Dear team Infinity, we just hit our first 100 million!

ALL - Yes! (celebrating).

TOBY - Today is a good day.

DEREK - Yes! this is great!

JIA JUN - (Intercom speaker) Alright team! going great so far! we are still in need of another 2 billion to hit par. Let's do this!

SIDDHARTH - Woo! that's how it is.

CATHY - (On the phone) Dear?

SIDDHARTH - (On the phone) Hi Honey! I-I did it.

CATHY - (On the phone) So proud of you.

JACOB - (Grabs the phone) (On the phone) Way to go Daddy!

SIDDHARTH - (On the phone) Hahaha, thanks Jacob.

AMY - (On the phone) Me too! you're the best!

SIDDHARTH - (On the phone) (Tears) Thanks dear.

AMY - Dad's crying ma.

CATHY - What? (On the phone) are you okay dear?

SIDDHARTH - (On the phone) (Tears) I-I'm okay.

CATHY - (On the phone) What happened?

SIDDHARTH - (On the phone) It's just that.....t-this was once a dream. I-I'm huge. I can't believe it. I-I had you along too, y-you're great. Thanks Cathy.

CATHY - (On the phone) Aw....I'm always here for you alright? don't worry. Just look back at all of your hard work, you'll realize that it was all worth it.

SIDDHARTH - (On the phone) It wasn't just me. It was all of us.

CATHY - (On the phone) (Smiles).

SIDDHARTH - (On the phone) There's never an "I", it's always a "we".

CATHY - (On the phone) (Smiles).

SIDDHARTH - (On the phone) I-I'm probably just the brain. W-We function like a body, and together? we do amazing things.

CATHY - (On the phone) (Kisses).

SIDDHARTH - (On the phone) (Kisses) Thanks dear.

CATHY - (On the phone) Congrats! come home soon alright?

SIDDHARTH - (On the phone) Sure, will do.

[Scene 29]

(Changi Prison)

POLICE OFFICER - Right then, you're both off.

(Orange and Keyls CEOs are released)


(they look back)

POLICE OFFICER - None of this funny business anymore, alright?

O.CEO/K. CEO - (Nod).

POLICE OFFICER - Good (turns back and leaves).

O. CEO/K. CEO - (Look at each other and lift their eyebrows).

O. CEO - (On the phone) Hello? it's me, your boss. I'm finally out. How are things so far? good, that's great! let's see what happens (drops the call).

K. CEO - How's the operation going?

O. CEO - Full swing. Going great.

K. CEO - (On the phone) I'm out. How are things going? great! hahahaha! keep it up, my boy! (drops the call).

O. CEO - Great I see.

K. CEO - Even better.

O. CEO - Oh....Oh! that range?! hahaha!

K. CEO - Hahaha!

(they laugh together)

[Scene 30]

NEWS REPORTER - Latest Headlines, Infinity has released a wide range of products. Europe released their hybrid automobiles, while North America worked on the InPhones, Asia worked on the new air purifier, and Oceania on the Eco House scheme. Results were very promising to residents living along the coastlines of Australia and New Zealand, while the hybrid automobiles have piled up a great deal of headaches for other car companies. Likewise the air purifier, this is making a great deal out of places such as Ukraine and Russia. Finally the new InPhones, which are so far leaving satisfaction on customers' faces.

[Scene 31]

(Prime ministers and Presidents all over Europe)

PM/PRESIDENT - On behalf of this nation. We are proud to produce the carbon emission statistics for this, third quarter of the year. Corresponding to the success and release of Infinity's hybrid automobiles, the country's carbon emission rate has reduced by quite a margin - estimated 23.5%

ALL - (Applause).

PM/PRESIDENT - We thank Infinity for providing the people a successful alternative. We are looking forward to receive great ideas such as these from companies not only in this country, but also across the continent - the EU Union.

(Prime minister of Australia)

PM - The Eco House scheme has done the nation a great deal. In places like Sydney, we have a full stretch of pent houses in Coogee Beach and Bondi Beach - turning towards the scheme. Following the scheme's official release, the scheme has worked well especially in the solar sector - where 45% of all scheme users produced a surplus. Which was of good use to the government. Not to mention, incentives were given to successful surplus producers. Thank you.

ALL - (Applause).

(Prime ministers and Presidents of Asia)

PM/PRESIDENT - The Air Purifier product has served great deal in our nation. China, this very nation as we all know - serves as a giant, especially in the secondary sector - in manufacturing. The PSI has reduced by a great margin in places such as Beijing and Shanghai - the places we know that face terrible pollution. Sometimes striking past the 1000 PSI boundary. This average has been reduced to approximately 200. Many factories are introducing the air purifier product for production uses. We hope for more factories in the country to introduce the product for production uses, as it will certainly benefit us in the long run - in terms of improving the health and well-being of our people, and the earth. Thank you.

ALL - (Applause).

[Scene 32]

(North America)

BOY 1 - (Texting on his phone - taking a selfie).

(Phone lags)

BOY 1 - The heck? (hits his phone) work!

(Phone screen breaks)

BOY 1 - The hell?! mum!!

MUM - What is it? why are you screaming?

BOY 1 - The screen broke.

MUM - Oh come on, Jeremy. You can do better. Control that temper of yours.

BOY 1 - I just slammed my phone because it lagged.

MUM - Oh come on. Anger management, that's all.

BOY 1 - (Angry) I don't need anger management! (rage quits).

MUM - I guess you're hungry (rushes out).

(other parts of the country)

GIRL 1 - Dad, my eye hurts.

DAD - What happened?

GIRL 1 - I don't know. I woke up with my eye popping out.

DAD - Oh it's nothing, just swelling.

GIRL 1 - Is it bad? I have prom tonight.

DAD - Dear, come on. You fuss like a 7 year old.

GIRL 1 - But this never happens. I mean-

DAD - Were you texting late last night?

GIRL 1 - Well....

DAD - See? that's why. We keep telling you, kids your age need good sleep. You just don't listen. You keep talking with that Tiffany up until midnight. How are you people even nocturnal like?

GIRL 1 - Since when did you start talking like mom?

DAD - Wait what?

GIRL 1 - I was just texting till 10.

DAD - Then why? why do your eyes need to swell?

GIRL 1 - I don't know....maybe the brightness?

DAD - But the InPhones are built in retina display. It's not harmful.

GIRL 1 - I don't know. It's quite brighter than my old InPhone.

DAD - Well obviously. That was the previous version. Maybe science has made bright light less harmful.

GIRL 1 - Dad...

DAD - Who knows.

(back to back people in the country complaining about the phone problems)

[Scene 33]

I. SERVICE MAN - (On the phone) Infinity Repair! how can I help you?

GIRL 5 - (On the phone) Yes, it's my new phone. It keeps crashing.

I. SERVICE MAN - (On the phone) Like how? please explain.

GIRL 5 - (On the phone) Right, so when I'm on snapchat - my phone keeps shutting down.

I. SERVICE MAN - (On the phone) I see, well. Bring it over.

GIRL 5 - (On the phone) Right.

(drops the call)

I. SERVICE MAN - That's our 100th complaint this night.

I. SERVICE OWNER - You serious?

I. SERVICE MAN - I think it's not manufactured properly.

I. SERVICE OWNER - Don't be ridiculous. It's Infinity! where do they go wrong?! never. Just...kids these days, you see? always taking selfies and stuff in weird places. Speaking about it, my nephew was taking a selfie with his head sticking out of the car. We were driving down the busy roads of Manhattan and Whoosh! another car crashed into the phone.

I. SERVICE MAN - Kids....


[Scene 34]

(Next day - Riot in every Infinity store, North America)

CUSTOMERS - (Rampaging) We want a refund!! this is unacceptable!! we've been cheated!!

I. ASSISTANT - Sir! ma'am! just calm down! w-we're on to it.

I. STORE OWNER - Security! get the security!!

NEWS REPORTER - It's just in, there are huge riots going on in every Infinity store. Customers claim that the company had sold fraud products.

TOBY - (Notices the news).

PA - S-Sir? w-what is this?

TOBY - (Shocked) Shush. I-I'll take care of it, y-you can go now.

PA - Yes sir.

(Door closed)

TOBY - (Goes over the production planning and supply's list - looks up and leaves)

[Scene 35]

(Finance Officials go over the case)

CHAIRMAN - Get on with it! head over!

(the Finance Officer drives over to the Headquarters)

(knocks on the door)

TOBY - Come in.

FINANCE OFFICER - Toby. Finance Officer, Daniel Whiteford.

TOBY - Hmm...

FINANCE OFFICER - Warrant (hands it over).

TOBY - (Checks it out) Wait what? w-why me?!

FINANCE OFFICER - This is a national financial offense. Making profits out of fraud products. You're given two choices: react as per the warrant's instructions and refund the sales commission, including tax. Or face heavy fines - this can mean with jail term also.

TOBY - B-But sir. I-I'm just following the company's policy. Orders by Siddharth.


TOBY - Y-Yes.

FINANCE OFFICER - Show me the company policy papers.

TOBY - F-For what?

FINANCE OFFICER - Proof that you're following the production line procedures.

(checks over the procedures and comes to notice that it's all correct - and that Siddharth has formed the production line procedure)

FINANCE OFFICER - Right then. Sorry for the trouble, Toby. If you'll excuse me, I have some unfinished business to look after.

TOBY - O-Okay.

(Finance Officer leaves the room)

TOBY - (Shocked and turns to look outside the window in fear).

(Phone rings - coming from Siddharth)

TOBY - (Reacts to it and doesn't know what to do).

(Mumbai, India)

SIDDHARTH - Why isn't he picking up?

[Scene 36]


INCOME TAX OFFICER - I want to meet Richard.

ASSISTANT - Right this way.

(Richard's office room)

INCOME TAX OFFICER - Richard sir, this is Kenneth - Income Tax Officer.

RICHARD - Yes, what's seems to be the case?

INCOME TAX OFFICER - Warrant (hands over a warrant).

RICHARD - What? w-what's this for?

INCOME TAX OFFICER - Your company headquarters is not paying the taxes properly. Each month from the past 6 months, you've only covered 15% of the actual tax price each month. This is an economic offense.

RICHARD - Wait what?! how? we're paying the taxes correctly. How can you simply say something like that?

INCOME TAX OFFICER - Here's the tax record for your headquarters, for the past 6 months.

RICHARD - (Checks over the documents and is shocked) A-Any way out of this nightmare?

INCOME TAX OFFICER - This is a huge economic offense. Your company has a massive debt to cover.

RICHARD - Oh god. Here, g-give me the documents. I-I'll take care of it.

INCOME TAX OFFICER - You'll have to cover the debt charges in less than a week.

(Income tax officer leaves)

RICHARD - (Sits down) Shit.

(Workers and employees show up in meeting room)

RICHARD - W-What happened guys? why are you all up here?

WORKER 1 - I-It's just that, t-the Income Tax Department....t-they put up a warrant on all the front doors.

RICHARD - Oh g-god.

EMPLOYEE 1 - What happened?

RICHARD - I-I'm afraid we uh....didn't cover the taxes properly. W-Where's Nick?

EMPLOYEE 2 - He said he went back home to visit his family.

RICHARD - I-I see....

WORKER 2 - W-We can cover the charges, can't we?

RICHARD - (Works it out on his calculator and is sad) I-I'm afraid uh....w-we'll be losing all our profits. Leaving us.....5 million under par.

WORKER 3 - (Steps forward) I-It's been a good run, for all these years. 6 Months of hard work - a-and for what? a-a warrant, that takes up all our pay. Good day, sir (leaves the building).

RICHARD - (Sad).

(everyone else leaves the building)

RICHARD - (Goes outside his building, watching everyone leave).

(At Starbucks Coffee)

RICHARD - (Sitting all alone, drinking coffee).

(Starbucks Coffee's TV)

NEWS REPORTER - Infinity North America is at trouble at the moment for selling fraud products....

RICHARD - (Notices the news and is shocked).

NEWS REPORTER - Here's what we have from the Finance Officials.

CHAIRMAN - Yes, so apparently it turns out that the company has sold fraud products to billions of customers till date. We've given them a word about this, sent out a warrant. They're yet to come to conclusion with what they will do next.

RICHARD - (Gets up and leaves).

[Scene 37]

(Infinity HQ - front door)

RICHARD - (Sitting down).

(A car arrives - Siddharth comes out)

RICHARD - S-Siddharth?

SIDDHARTH - W-What happened? a-are you okay? (looks around) so quiet, where is everyone? you gave them the day off?

RICHARD - (Stands up - very weak) C-Come here (takes him to the front door).

SIDDHARTH - What is it?

RICHARD - Look at the notice.

SIDDHARTH - (Looks at it) Wait what?! (grabs the warrant from the door) a-a warrant?! b-but how?! did you inform the police? this is fraud, pure fraud.

RICHARD - T-They have evidence. The income tax officer came in - said we didn't pay the taxes properly, for last 6 months. W-We have a huge debt to pay right now.

SIDDHARTH - H-How much?

RICHARD - (Shows the calculator).

SIDDHARTH - (Shocked and collapses).

RICHARD - Siddharth! a-are you okay? oh god.

SIDDHARTH - W-Where did we go wrong?

RICHARD - (Silent).

(Another car comes in - Finance Officer)


SIDDHARTH - (Stands up) Y-Yes, that's me.

FINANCE OFFICER - Finance Officer of the USA, Daniel Whiteford.

SIDDHARTH - I see....

FINANCE OFFICER - Warrant (hands over the warrant).

RICHARD - (Shocked) I-I thought so.

SIDDHARTH - (Looks back at him) Huh?! w-w-what did we do wrong? it's only the taxes isn't it? and that's taken care of by Singapore authorities. Why USA?

FINANCE OFFICER - Warrant for selling fraud products.

SIDDHARTH - Fraud- what?

FINANCE OFFICER - Your new InPhone products. Over a billion customers bought them and have complained about it. It appears you have sold fraud products.

SIDDHARTH - But I don't-

FINANCE OFFICER - Look here - this is the amount of sales commission your company has made out of the products. You have two choices now, either refund the sales commission, with USA Tax - or face heavy fines, including a jail term.

SIDDHARTH - Richard! h-how did all this happen?

RICHARD - I-It was all over the news. I saw it.

SIDDHARTH - Everything went well - all except for North America....a-and Singapore?

FINANCE OFFICER - That's an issue you have to sort out. We even have evidence of you being responsible - (takes out procedure paper copy) your company's production line procedures.

SIDDHARTH - (Takes a look at it).

FINANCE OFFICER - Your signature right?


FINANCE OFFICER - That's all I need to know. You're given less than a month's time to refund the entire sales commission - or else, there will be penalties.

SIDDHARTH - (Stunned).

(Finance Officer leaves)

SIDDHARTH - (Collapses).

RICHARD - Siddharth! s-stay calm, w-we can work this out.

SIDDHARTH - But how? w-what did we do wrong?

RICHARD - (Thinks hard) Y-You remember our new recruits?

SIDDHARTH - Yes (stunned) y-you don't think that....

(thinks over it and finds out that it works perfectly)

SIDDHARTH - Nick, a-as the new accountant!


SIDDHARTH - A-And.....Toby as...CEO of North America!! yes! t-this must be it! (tears).

RICHARD - Calm down.

SIDDHARTH - (Tears) I-I'm ruined! (crying) t-those two just....ran me out of business!

RICHARD - We can still figure out a way.

SIDDHARTH - How? t-they've taken everything from me! o-our company's dignity, trust, w-we're ruined! w-we're at a debt of 100 billion!

RICHARD - We'll take this to court.

SIDDHARTH - (Stunned and stops crying).


[Scene 38]

(Court - hammer hit)

JUDGE - Order in the court! call them both in!

(Toby and Nick enter)

JUDGE - First, Toby. For the case of selling fraud products, Siddharth here claims that this is all under your responsibility. Are you willing to take the responsibility?

TOBY - No.

SIDDHARTH - Hey! Hey! Shut up!

JUDGE - Order in the court! (slams hammer). Why?

TOBY - I strictly followed the Production line procedures which were set up by Siddharth.

SIDDHARTH - (Stunned).

TOBY - See here, (takes out the procedure paper copy) Section 5: Production materials used to make a product are entirely up to the designer's and/or company's desire, provided it's what's required to create the final product.

JUDGE - Give that here.

(Toby hands over the paper copy).

JUDGE - (Checks over it) It appears what Toby has said is right. He has followed the procedures set up by Siddharth. Siddharth, you've failed to provide the evidence to prove him guilty.

SIDDHARTH - (Disappointed).

JUDGE - Toby, you're off the hook. As for Nick, do you take up the responsibility regarding the tax debt?

NICK - No.

RICHARD - Don't try any tricks! I-I'm warning you!

JUDGE - Silence (slams hammer). Now then, why?

NICK - I haven't worked for Infinity in the first place, sir.

RICHARD - That's a lie! h-he was our company's newly appointed chartered accountant.

NICK - Sir, I come from a poor background. I don't think I would personally do anything like this to such a big corporate.

RICHARD - Your honour! evidence of his employment status in our company is all recorded in this company handbook (passes it over).

JUDGE - (Checks over it) No, there's no evidence of him being here.

RICHARD/SIDDHARTH - W-What?! b-but how?

JUDGE - It's not stated here. His company interview papers, documents, nothing.

NICK - I told you, sir.

JUDGE - Due to lack of evidence provided by Richard. Nick is officially off the hook.

(Nick and Toby leave)

JUDGE - This court has come to conclusion. Richard and Siddharth have used two members who are not involved in the tax debt and refund cases, so they can put the blame on them. This is an act of Section 10.1 A - Use of third party members to take the blame. Prior to that, we the court, propose a closure of all Infinity branches around the world...


JUDGE - Governments across North America, Oceania, Asia, and Europe will be informed shortly. Customers aside from North America will be given 6 months time, to make a complaint if any of their products don't work. If the complaints in the three continents exceeds by 100, the corporate is bound to give refunds for those products too. Case closed (slams hammer and leaves).

SIDDHARTH - (Shocked).

[Scene 39]

(Siddharth's home - On TV)

NEWS REPORTER - Latest Headlines, the court has dismissed the petition - which was set up by Siddharth and Richard, of Infinity.

CATHY - (Shocked).

JACOB - Hey! it's daddy! Amy! come over!

AMY - Hey! mummy!

CATHY - (Shocked) K-Kids, g-go play inside. Run along.

(the kids go)

(Siddharth arrives)

CATHY - H-Honey? w-what happened?

SIDDHARTH - (Overhears the case over the news on TV - looks around).

(He closes the door on the kids, who are playing inside)

SIDDHARTH - (Crying - falls on to the ground) I'm ruined!!

CATHY - Dear! no! g-get up.

SIDDHARTH - (Crying) I'm ruined. T-They ran me out of business. I-I'm done for, Cathy. It's all over.

CATHY - (Lifts him up and gets him on the sofa) T-Tell me, h-how did this happen?

SIDDHARTH - Toby and Nick, new recruits. Nick as the new chartered accountant, and Toby....m-my new business partner. Huge tax debt to pay over now, huge refund commission to give now, and even worse - all the branches are going to shut down shortly. (Crying) M-My partner and new recruit, r-ran me out of business!

CATHY - (Hugging him) I-I'm here for you (crying). E-Everything's going to be alright.

SIDDHARTH - (Crying) Now I can't go outside, I can't get a loan because no one trusts me. I can't get a job because the people will put me down. I'm done! m-my life's over with.

CATHY - (Crying) Y-You have me. Remember? Cyber Research? I-I'm here for you. You take the time to calm down, tell the others y-your final goodbye, and....s-settle in with the kids. I'll help the family.

SIDDHARTH - (Looks up - in tears) M-My dream.....lost...a-all of it (crying).

CATHY - I-It happens. We can't stop it (crying).

(Amy and Jacob show up)

AMY - Daddy? Mummy?

JACOB - Are you crying?

CATHY/SIDDHARTH - (Stop crying and sit up) No.

CATHY - W-We're fine, dear. Just, yawned.

AMY - Daddy?

SIDDHARTH - Sleepy, h-hard a-and....p-painful day at work.

JACOB - (Gets on Siddharth's lap) Don't worry daddy, everything's going to be okay.

SIDDHARTH - I-It certainly will (hugs him).

AMY - I want a hug.

SIDDHARTH/CATHY - (Huge them both - altogether).

[Scene 40]

(Closure of branches everywhere around the world)

(At Singapore HQ)

MANAGER - Right then! is that the last of the furniture?


SIDDHARTH - A-Are you going to take it down?

MANAGER - Nah! waste of money. We have two clients willing to buy the building.

SIDDHARTH - O-Okay then.

MANAGER - They'll be here in another 10 minutes time. We'll make a move.


(everyone leaves except for Siddharth, who's all alone)

(Car drives in - O. CEO and K. CEO come out)

SIDDHARTH - (Stands up in shock).

(they come to him)

O. CEO - Hi Siddharth. What a surprise (shakes hand).

K. CEO - How are you (shakes hand).

SIDDHARTH - I-I'm fine.

O. CEO - What brings you by this place?

K. CEO - We've come to check out this building.

O. CEO - This building will be shared by both me and him - you know, whenever we have collaboration projects. They will happen in the future, many times.

K. CEO - So....

SIDDHARTH - T-This is my company's building.

O. CEO - Oh. Wait what? Siddharth, what happened?

SIDDHARTH - I-I'm out of business.

K. CEO - Y-You're what now?

SIDDHARTH - I'm done with. My chapter is closed. M-My two new recruits, r-ran me out of business (tears).

O. CEO - (Hands on his shoulder) It's okay. Calm down, my boy. Things happen, you've just got to move on.

K. CEO - Let's sit down.

(they sit down on the steps)

K. CEO - You filed a case or anything?

SIDDHARTH - Just made things worse.

K. CEO - How?

SIDDHARTH - Before I just faced severe debts and commission refunds. Now all my branches are closing down. Including this one: the main headquarters.

O. CEO - Oh shoot (takes his glasses off). T-That's quite heavy news.

K. CEO - W-We're really sorry for your loss.

SIDDHARTH - (Looking at the ground).

O. CEO - See, w-we don't want to fight with you. It's happened in the past I know but, w-we've paid a huge price for it over the past years. I called Lorenzo, he's running the company currently - recently just told me that the sales are up, because of the closure.

K. CEO - N-Not that it meant anything to us. W-We didn't know what happened to you. W-We were thinking about visiting you some other day but...look - by god's grace, we got to see our new building, and you.

O. CEO - W-We uh....what more can we say. Simply....speechless.

(they both stand up - looking down on Siddharth)

K. CEO - Listen Siddharth. W-We are extremely sorry for your loss. I hope you recover quickly.

O. CEO - We know you'll find a way, I mean...you have this (touches his head). All you need is this - you'll go places, and I can guarantee that.

SIDDHARTH - (Looks up - confused).

O. CEO - (Gives him a card) Here's my card.

SIDDHARTH - (Takes it slowly).

O. CEO - You're welcome anytime to join us again. After all, you were one of our finest products.

K. CEO - (Gives him a card) Me too. You can come join my company too. No pressure, just lending you a helping hand.

O. CEO - Well then, we'll make a move.

K. CEO - I'll cash in the money for the new building. Y-You're fine with that right, Siddharth?

SIDDHARTH - (Nods - Sad).

K. CEO - Okay then. We'll make a move. Once again, we really hope to see you back on your feet again.

O. CEO - Cheers.

(they both turn back and leave)

SIDDHARTH - (Thinking hard and tears).

(He rethinks what they both said: " You're welcome anytime to join us again. After all, you were one of our finest products" "W-We don't want to fight with you")

SIDDHARTH - Huh? (Rethinks: "We really hope to see you back on your feet again").

(He gets up in shock - and looks up straight in fury).

SIDDHARTH - (Dials to reach Richard) Richard, shall we finish the game? I'm ready.


[Scene 41]

(At a Salon)

SIDDHARTH - (Facing the other side) They're up and at it again, Richard.

RICHARD - Yes, I can see that. It makes perfect sense why they showed up the next minute.

SIDDHARTH - Take this (gives him a paper).

RICHARD - Who's this?

SIDDHARTH - Get it done on me.

RICHARD - Okay. Wait what? a-are you crazy?

SIDDHARTH - I'll do it for my company.

RICHARD - Okay then. T-The expenses?

SIDDHARTH - I'll take care of it.

RICHARD - Y-You've already crossed the over-draft limit. T-This too will cost a lot.

SIDDHARTH - If it can save my company, it can save me from debt.

RICHARD - Right then......sir!


RICHARD - We need this.

BEAUTICIAN - (Takes a look) Are you serious?

SIDDHARTH - I'm ready to give in the amount.

BEAUTICIAN - J-Just hold on a moment. I'll bring in the extra equipment and more people for assistance.

(they gather equipment and conduct re-imaging process)

[Scene 42]


RICHARD - (Takes a look and is stunned) Oh my.

SIDDHARTH - How is it?

RICHARD - Good. You want me to tell your wife about all this?

SIDDHARTH - I'll take care of that by myself.

[Scene 43]

(Orange HQ - Nick enters CEOs office)

O. CEO - (Shocked).

(Nick and CEO stare hard at each other, and slowly begin to smile)

O. CEO - (Shakes hand) You've done a fine job.

NICK - What can I say. Messing with numbers are awfully easy.

O. CEO - We all know that. Fact was that we were in jail.

NICK - You.

O. CEO - Don't push it.

NICK - Listen....you think this Siddharth might be on our trail?

O. CEO - (Gets up) Hmm....sit down.

(Nick sits down)

O. CEO - Now that I think of it, he is a bit of a cunning man. Let's face it, his entire business is ruined, he's crossed the debt limits, and broken every other law in the business competition. I personally believe, that he doesn't have the strength to attack. I mean, just look at him - when I saw him the other day to see the new building, he looked like a man with blood all drained out. He's so weak, he can't get up. So to answer your question: No, he won't come back.

NICK - Unless....

O. CEO - (Turns to look at him).

NICK - He's quite a clever chap. He was one of your company's many assets. I don't think he's ready to give up.

O. CEO - Are you saying that he's going to come back and put us back in our cell?

NICK - I'm just saying.....you turned yourself in front of him the very next moment he lost his business. He's bound to come after you, if I'm not wrong.

(alarm rings)

PA - Sir! you have a person by the name of Barry Duncan, for company interview.

O. CEO - Barry Duncan...(searching his file) Yes, send him in.

PA - Yes sir.

O. CEO - And Nick....keep a look-out. You don't know what that man has in store for us.

NICK - (Nods and leaves).

(Siddharth in disguise enters)

O. CEO - Hi (shakes hand).

SIDDHARTH - Barry Duncan. Nice to meet you, sir.

O. CEO - Your records?

SIDDHARTH - Yes (hands the files over).

O. CEO - You used to work for Infinity?


O. CEO - I see. So you've come here because of....

SIDDHARTH - The corporate is a wreck. There's no hope. I personally spoke to Siddharth, and he himself is scratching his head.

(CEO chuckles a bit)

SIDDHARTH - My next best option was Orange.

O. CEO - Funny. You didn't choose Keyls? or any other corporate?

SIDDHARTH - Orange is on the rise. I believe I could contribute to bringing Orange back to where it belongs.

O. CEO - I'm impressed with your records.

SIDDHARTH - I get the job?

O. CEO - Not yet. Answer my questions - simple logical questions. Get them correct, and the job is yours.


O. CEO - Question 1: I have a doughnut. I want to cut the doughnut into eight equal pieces - I can only do that by making three cuts. How do I do it?

SIDDHARTH - (Thinks) Simple. You have to think three dimensionally. First cut the doughnut right through the middle, and then make two slices across the top - as if cutting a cake.

O. CEO - Very good. Next question: A bacteria cell has settled into a bathtub. Each day the bacteria cell multiplies, from 2 to 4 to 8 to 16 and so on. On the 52nd day, the bathtub was half-filled with bacteria cells. On which day was the bathtub completely full?

SIDDHARTH - (Thinks) The 53rd day. If bacteria cells are practically doubling in quantity, then the tub will be full the next day.

O. CEO - Correct. Good, you get the job.

SIDDHARTH - Thank you, sir.

O. CEO - You are our new Corporate Analyst.

SIDDHARTH - Thank you, sir.

O. CEO - Keep up the good work, young man.

(Siddharth leaves)

O. CEO - Hmm....(looks at the file over again) Left Infinity......Siddharth scratching his head....he's wrecked...ha!

[Scene 44]

LORENZO - Yes, and then Miranda came over to me and gave me this Parker Pen for Christmas. Really expensive.

NICK - Better keep it safe buddy.

CALVIN - Yes, don't lose it.

(Siddharth notices the three people)

CALVIN - I was wondering....It's been a while since we did Secret Santa in this company.

NICK - Oh come on, don't talk Kindergarten here.

SIDDHARTH - Why, it's a good idea.

CALVIN - Who are you?

SIDDHARTH - I'm sorry. Allow me to introduce myself - Barry Duncan. Newly appointed Corporate Analyst.

NICK - Oh nice (shakes hand) Nick.

CALVIN - Calvin (Shakes hand - smiles).

LORENZO - Lorenzo (Shakes hand - smiles).

SIDDHARTH - (Smiles at Lorenzo) I like it.

LORENZO - Like what?

SIDDHARTH - Company's ambiance. Seems quite familiar.

NICK - I see.

SIDDHARTH - A designer once told me.....I'm like another him, but younger (looking at Lorenzo).

LORENZO - (Stunned).

CALVIN - Oh, you were a designer too?

SIDDHARTH - I was a designer, entrepreneur in some form, and now - Corporate Analyst. I still remember that motivational phrase he said on my first day at work.

NICK - Where did you work before?

SIDDHARTH - Oh no, this was a workshop - but yes this designer said, "Welcome to Paradise".

LORENZO - (Stunned).

SIDDHARTH - Well, lovely meeting you all.

NICK - Yes, yes. It's great having you on board.

CALVIN - Planning on throwing a party?

SIDDHARTH - Not that type of guy, sorry.

CALVIN - I see. Well, don't worry. I'll arrange for some drinks, Johnny Walker or Heineken?

SIDDHARTH - Your choice.

NICK - Johnny Walker.

CALVIN - Johnny Walker it is.

O. CEO - Let me show you to your office, Barry.

SIDDHARTH - Yes, thank you.

[Scene 45]

(Siddharth's Office)

O. CEO - Good Luck.

SIDDHARTH - Thank you, sir.

(Lorenzo enters)

SIDDHARTH - (Chewing on a mint) Oh um....Lorenzo! what brings you here?

LORENZO - (Sits in front of Siddharth) I-I know you. I-I know you very well.

SIDDHARTH - Heh....do you, Lorenzo? do you?

LORENZO - Siddharth! that's who you are! you are Siddharth!

SIDDHARTH - Who? me? Siddharth?! hahaha! that is a good joke my friend. I'll tell you what, I worked for that fool - when the company ran out of business he was left scratching his head. I'm Barry Duncan.

LORENZO - Y-You just said you've never worked before.

SIDDHARTH - You see, I don't like being perfect all the time. I'm more of what you call, spontaneous.

LORENZO - I've never called anyone a younger version of me, other than Siddharth. I've never said "Welcome to Paradise" to anyone on the first day because I rarely have the time to meet people on their first day. That was all except for Siddharth. You know something, you're here to spoil Orange once again - on behalf of Siddharth. Tell me your plan.

SIDDHARTH - Hehehe. Who....me....wanting to spoil Orange. What kind of fool do you think I am? I'm Corporate Analyst, buddy. No pointing fingers on the first day - I haven't even done anything yet. You want to get met arrested, you can go for your life.

LORENZO - (Silent).

SIDDHARTH - And seriously. Use your common sense: does this face remind you of Siddharth? huh?!

LORENZO - I-If you're not Siddharth then, w-who are you?

SIDDHARTH - Oh boy....how many times do I have to repeat myself. Barry Duncan, newly appointed Corporate Analyst, former Infinity Manager. Anymore information needed?

LORENZO - (Silent).

SIDDHARTH - How about this, your CEO hired me for a reason. If I'm a god damn terrorist trying to spoil your corporate, I would've been kicked out by now.

LORENZO - I see. Sorry for the trouble (pat on the shoulder and urns to leave).

SIDDHARTH - (Smiles).

[Scene 46]

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