[Scene 1]

SIDDHARTH - (Narration) My name is Siddharth. I'm a design student graduate from NUS, the top university in Singapore. My one principle as a designer is to design something simple but better, something that doesn't reduce all of human effort. I'm not like the others who come up with crazy gadgets which half the time we don't use. I design for the better, not to spoil humanity. Now I'm on my way for a job interview at the top design company in the world: Orange.

CALLER - Next!

ORANGE CEO - Hi, please sit down. What's your name?

SIDDHARTH - Siddharth sir.

ORANGE CEO - Siddharth? nice name.

SIDDHARTH - Thanks sir.

ORANGE CEO - Now then, your interview files and certificates.

SIDDHARTH - Oh yes, here they are.

ORANGE CEO - Thank you, hmm...interesting. You've achieved excellence in many design areas. Wow, you're the three time winner of the NUS design fair. Amazing.

SIDDHARTH - Thank you sir also-

ORANGE CEO - Without further discussion I hereby appoint you as a designer in this company.


ORANGE CEO - You're employed. Work starts on Monday, I'm really impressed with your reports and certificates young man. Can't wait to see what you'll bring out.

SIDDHARTH - T-Thank you sir. (exits the office).
[Scene 2]

SIDDHARTH - Hello? who is it?

RICHARD - Hey it's me, Richard.

SIDDHARTH - Oh hi, how are you?

RICHARD - I'm fine as usual. I heard you're going for a job interview at Orange, best of luck.

SIDDHARTH - Actually Richard, the interview's over.

RICHARD - What? it is? what happened, tell me tell me!

SIDDHARTH - Well, I got the job.

RICHARD - Wow! that's amazing!

SIDDHARTH - Yes I know.

RICHARD - Come on why are you so down in the dumps, be cheerful. You've been appointed at the world's leading design company. This is really huge!

SIDDHARTH - Yes I know, it's not that. I was expecting questions to be asked back and forth in this interview. All he ever did was go over my files and certificates and give me the okay.

RICHARD - What? that's it? come on there's nothing to feel dull about. This is great, just by checking over your files he gave you the clear okay. Just think how many people right now are being asked questions in their interview.

SIDDHARTH - Well, I would say everyone?

RICHARD - Yes, everyone. Because the person interviewing may have doubts on the person, turns out you're a clean piece of paper.

SIDDHARTH - What's that supposed to mean?

RICHARD - I mean you're clear as crystal, that's why he gave you the green signal.

SIDDHARTH - Oh okay.

RICHARD - Yes, not a bad feeling anymore right?

SIDDHARTH - Yes, you're right. Thanks for cheering me up.

RICHARD - Always there for you bro, always there.

SIDDHARTH - Oh, by the way are you searching for a job?

RICHARD - No, I just booked an interview appointment last night with Keyls. Amazing right?

SIDDHARTH - Yes you're right. But when we meet face to face, it'll be war.

RICHARD - True, I really don't understand the rivalry between Orange and Keyls.

SIDDHARTH - It's just any other ordinary rivalry: India vs Pakistan, Good vs Bad. You get the idea don't you?


SIDDHARTH - Now I've got my job, you try and get your job. When's the interview for you?

RICHARD - That's the bad part. Everyone wants to join either Orange or Keyls these days, heavy competition you know. I requested an interview for next week, they pushed it to 3 weeks, then 2 months and now finally to 7 months. Crazy you know? by the time I go for my interview I'll be 50.

SIDDHARTH - Well, it just goes to show. It's a very tough competition out there, there's that huge strive to get into the best ones not because they like it, it's for them to get a good status. Gaining power over people so they can look up at them.

RICHARD - Pretty soon we'd both be looking down on Orange and Keyls.
SIDDHARTH - You have a way with things don't you?

RICHARD - I just can't help it.

SIDDHARTH - Well, got to go. Bye!


[Scene 3]

ORANGE CEO - Mr. Stall!
MR. STALL - Yes sir.

ORANGE CEO - Here, the list of new employees for the company.

MR. STALL - Okay sir. Sir if you don't mind can I take a look at the new employees?

ORANGE CEO - Go ahead.

MR. STALL - Hmm...good. Wow sir this person is amazing!

ORANGE CEO - Who are you talking about?

MR. STALL - Don't know yet, let me check his name. Siddharth.

ORANGE CEO - Oh yes, he has an excellent academic record.

MR. STALL - 3 time Design fair winner at NUS.

ORANGE CEO - I know right. NUS is a very competitive university, no one has ever won twice at the design fair. He's won it thrice! you know one thing, I didn't even have to ask him any question. Just one big glance at his records and he got in.

MR. STALL - Are you sure about this sir? maybe he's not who he seems. He could be a very demanding guy, who knows he might as well re-image our company.

ORANGE CEO - Nonsense, he looks pretty decent. He didn't talk much at the interview, don't worry about the re-imaging part. I'll attend to it when it happens.

[Scene 4]

SIDDHARTH - Hi, this is my first day at work. The CEO told me to go to the Creative offices, can you show me where it is?

ATTENDEE - Sure sir, follow me. Right this way. (Leads him upstairs) here are the Creative offices.

ORANGE CEO - Ah Siddharth. We were all waiting for you. May I have your attention everyone! this is Siddharth, our company's new employee.

CREW - (Applause)

ORANGE CEO - He's not any ordinary employee. He's an NUS graduate, 3 time NUS design fair winner. What more can I say about him, everyone give him a huge warm welcome!

CREW - (Applause)

SIDDHARTH - T-Thank you.

ORANGE CEO - Siddharth I want you to meet someone. This is Lorenzo, he's a top-notch designer like you. Citrus Laptops and half the applications were designed by him.

LORENZO - Hi, nice to meet you.

ORANGE CEO - You'll be working with Lorenzo. He'll guide you with the procedures and so on so forth. If you have any doubts you can approach him, he'll be happy to help, right Lorenzo?

LORENZO - Yes sir.

ORANGE CEO - Okay then. Well young man, your creative landscape awaits. Time to pick up your pencil and tools. Good Luck!

SIDDHARTH - Thanks sir.

LORENZO - Come with me, I'll tell you what we're up to. We're designing the 5th edition of the Citrus Phone. If you look around you see people designing on their computers, drawing out plans, even coding. You'll be doing all of that in this process.

SIDDHARTH - This all looks huge to me already.

LORENZO - Huge? you'll realize what's huge when you get into designing afterwards.

SIDDHARTH - So for this project do we have to only design the phone or the applications too?

LORENZO - Yes, if you want to increase your chances of producing the winning design. Application doesn't necessarily have to be a new version of the previous app, it can also be an entire new app you've designed.

SIDDHARTH - Wow, t-that sounds amazing.

LORENZO - Well, I don't know what to say except, welcome to paradise.

[Scene 5]

LORENZO - Siddharth I'm going downstairs for lunch, are you coming?

SIDDHARTH - Yes, I'm coming.

LORENZO - So have you come up with an idea of what your design will be like?

SIDDHARTH - Not really, I was brainstorming some factors.

LORENZO - Factors? factors for what?

SIDDHARTH - You know, the factors of what makes a good design and would appeal best to the target audience. I always plan my approach before getting an idea of how it should be designed like, that's how I ended up being successful in NUS.

LORENZO - Sounds like a plan, good I like it. I do the same, but then I let go of it because I use the public's evaluation to create a new design. What factors did you consider?

SIDDHARTH - Choice of colours, shape/form, applications and functions.

LORENZO - Sounds good. Just keep in mind that you shouldn't ruin the company image.

SIDDHARTH - Company image? what's that about?

LORENZO - It's awfully simple. Every company out there in this big competition have their own style don't you agree?


LORENZO - Likewise we have our own style of designing. Not only the design itself but also the signature logo which we all know is the-

SIDDHARTH - The half-bitten Orange.

LORENZO - Correct. You have no criteria for designing any new product or version, other than these two.

SIDDHARTH - Is that it? no budget requirements or partnerships?

LORENZO - Yes, spot on! the budget for designing a product depends on the materials you're using. Once you've drawn or completed sketches and plans about your design, you'll have to wait for the Design selection presentation.

SIDDHARTH - And when is that?

LORENZO - Now it's August 2nd. The presentation will be in the next 4 months, meaning December. December 10th.

SIDDHARTH - Oh okay, so till that day we're designing our ideas, sketches, plans and preparation?


[Scene 6]

CALVIN - You saw that guys?

DESIGNER 2 - Yes I know, it's the new guy.

CALVIN - You think he's a big shot?

DESIGNER 3 - Doesn't look like that to me. What's a freshie going to do?

DESIGNER 2 - We need to stay on guard. We may not know, there's a chance of him getting in the company's spotlight. We can't let that happen.

DESIGNER 3 - But come on, he's just a fresh-

CALVIN - Enough with the freshie! No more! I don't care if he's a freshie or an oldie. We have to stay alert, to make sure that he doesn't get the clear sweep.

DESIGNER 2 - Slow down, he just got here. We'll wait until that moment comes, then we'll take action.

SIDDHARTH - Hi, is this the way to the design office?


SIDDHARTH - Thanks, by the way nice to meet you.

DESIGNER 2 - Rather cunning fellow I would say.

DESIGNER 3 - Seems eager enough to get back to work.

CALVIN - That's what I'm trying to tell you guys! you can tell just by the smile and enthusiasm on him, something bad's coming our way and I have feeling it's to do with him.

[Scene 7 (4 months later)]

LORENZO - Siddharth, have you finalized your design?

SIDDHARTH - Yes, take a look.

LORENZO - (Takes a look) wow! Siddharth I don't know what to say. I-I'm really impressed.

SIDDHARTH - You really think so?

LORENZO - The most innovative design I've ever seen in this company. You're like another me, but younger.

SIDDHARTH - Thanks Lorenzo.

LORENZO - I mean, it works! the colour choice, shape, software and hardware. It's perfect. You're in for a victory, All the best!


LORENZO - Come, lets go to the presentation.

SUPERVISOR - Excuse me, is this your design plan?


SUPERVISOR - Here, pass it to me.

SIDDHARTH - For what?

SUPERVISOR - Oh that's right you're the new guy. I'm collecting designs from all the designers. They will then be handed over to the Executive Officer, he will pick the top five designs and enter them in for the presentation.

SIDDHARTH - W-What if my design doesn't make the top five?

SUPERVISOR - Tough luck! at least you can be present at the presentation to witness the best ideas. A great chance to be inspired for the next project.


LORENZO - Don't worry, I have faith in you. I know yours will make the top five.

SIDDHARTH - Did you give yours in?


[Scene 8]

ORANGE CEO - Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen. I would like to thank you all for making it to the design selection presentation. Designers from this company have worked really hard, put in a lot of effort into designing the new Citrus Phone. Our Executive Officer has picked the top five designs. I have a good feeling about the new design ideas. Ladies and Gentlemen I present you our first presenter, Raul!

RAUL - Greetings everyone, the version of the new Citrus Phone will be different in many ways.......

(After the presentation)

RAUL - Thank you.

ORANGE CEO - Thank you Raul. Now then, next presenter. Calvin!

CALVIN - (Grins at Siddharth)

SIDDHARTH - (Confused and lost reaction).

(Everyone's presentations are over)

ORANGE CEO - Now then, last but not least presenter. Siddharth!

SIDDHARTH - Greetings everyone. This is my first presentation for Orange. I hope my new and innovative idea brings lots of excitement in the audience.

AUDIENCE - (Applause)

SIDDHARTH - Citrus Phone 1, 2, 3 and 4 all have been quite successful over the years. In terms of how appealing it is, applications etc. I'm here to take the Citrus Phone 5 design to a whole new level. I present you the new look for the Citrus Phone!

AUDIENCE - (Surprised and Gasps)

SIDDHARTH - As you can see compared to the previous citrus phones, this phone's in a rectangular shape. The features on the back of the phone include a rough padding to ensure a tighter grip when people hold the phone, the Orange logo, other than that there's a flash light option. Features on the side of the phone include volume control, Power button, and for a change I've added this slot made specially for a camera. If we click this slot, the camera frame will pop out and will make taking photos look like taking them with a real camera. On the top we have an earphone slot suitable for 3-5 pinned earphones and headphones.
On the bottom we have the speakers and the phone charging slot. The keypad functions are different, the center button will be an orange, on either sides of that button we have a "back" button and a "sleep" button. Applications on the phone are the same except for the phone call application Citrus Call. I've added new options to it such as conference calls, international and local call values, including contacts address book.
And that everyone is my design for the new Citrus Phone.

AUDIENCE - (Huge applause)

CEO - (Gets up in joy and does an applause)

DESIGNER 2 - (does a cunning signal to the Executive officer)

EXECUTIVE OFFICER - (Nods back to him)

CEO - Thank you everyone for attending the presentation. Thanks to the presenters for all their hard work for the past 4-5 months. They've really played a significant role in the company every year. Half the credit goes to them for making our products appeal to the target audience. A huge standing ovation one more time for the designers!

AUDIENCE - (Applause)

CEO - Yes, the Executive Officer here will be picking the winning design. The Executive Officer will send in the winning design plan to the hardware and mechanic team so they can begin to assemble the product. We will start production for the new winning design on Monday. Designers! you won't know which was the winning design until you come to work on Monday. Posters and ads about the new Citrus Phone will be put around the Orange head quarters. Thank you all once again!

[Scene 9]

CALVIN - Sir! you remember the deal don't you?


CALVIN - Good, if you don't. You know what's coming for you.

[Scene 10]

RICHARD - Hello?

SIDDHARTH - Hey! it's me Siddharth. I did my design presentation today!

RICHARD - Oh you did? great! how did it go?

SIDDHARTH - It went great. I compared my idea with the others, my design is far more creative and innovative than theirs.

RICHARD - You won't be the judge of that because you can't see your mistakes.

SIDDHARTH - Well yes, I can't see my mistakes. But I can tell at a glance that I have a chance of being the clear winner in this contest.

RICHARD - And what makes you say that?

SIDDHARTH - The other designs were sort of like a pure copy of the previous Citrus Phone version.

RICHARD - So when are they picking the final design?

SIDDHARTH - Coming Monday, CEO said there would be banners put on display all over the company headquarters. Make sure you come by our place to see the new design.

RICHARD - Sure, nothing to do here for the next few months.

SIDDHARTH - So yes, that's what I wanted to tell you.

RICHARD - Sounds great man, you've come a long way for this moment. I know you'll win.

SIDDHARTH - Thanks man, wish me luck.

RICHARD - For the win Siddharth! for the win!

[Scene 11]

EXECUTIVE OFFICER - (Choosing between Siddharth's and Calvin's design very hard, he finally places his hand down on a design)

[Scene 12]

SIDDHARTH - Now then (searching for the chosen design banner, he sees Calvin's design and is shocked).

LORENZO - Hey Siddharth, how are you doing?

SIDDHARTH - D-Did you see that?

LORENZO - Yes I know, Calvin's design won.

SIDDHARTH - Oh, it's just that-

LORENZO - Just what?

SIDDHARTH - Oh it's nothing really.

LORENZO - Oh come on, just tell me. I'll understand.

SIDDHARTH - It's just that....I had high hopes for my design.

LORENZO - Oh that, cheer up. It is after all your first go. Never has anyone gotten their design to be chosen on the first go, you'll progress and learn from your mistakes. For a chance, take Calvin's design as a model for your next design. It'll surely benefit you in the long run.

SIDDHARTH - O-Okay, thanks Lorenzo.

LORENZO - Any time, now come it's time for the meeting.

SIDDHARTH - Meeting? what meeting? they never told me about any meeting.

LORENZO - Oh yes I forgot to mention, once the design has been chosen, the following working day we will attend a meeting to discuss the marketing and manufacturing of the design.

SIDDHARTH - Oh okay.

LORENZO - And it's not a one man job for Calvin, we all are doing this as a company.

[Scene 13]

CEO - Hello everyone! as you may all have known. Calvin's design has been chosen, everyone please give Calvin a huge round of applause.

AUDIENCE - (Applause)

CEO - Yes, so today we'll be discussing the marketing and manufacturing of Calvin's version of the new Citrus Phone. First lets talk about the manufacturing side of it. What materials are you planning to use?

CALVIN - I'm planning on using the same materials as compared to the previous Citrus Phone. Except for this phone I'm planning on having spongy ridges on the back of the phone, to give it a bit of comfort and also a bit of protection if it falls.

CEO - Hmm...Okay then. Did everyone hear that? so the priority material for this assignment are the spongy ridges on the back of the phone. Is it okay if we further elaborate on the colours and usual materials for this?

CALVIN - Yes I don't mind. When you're talking about the applications I'll give you the heads up.

CEO - Sounds great. So now I want everyone to come up with possible colours and framework for the new Citrus Phone. I'll give you 20 minutes to discuss with each other about this. Afterwards we'll hear from everyone. Time starts now!

SIDDHARTH - Uh Lorenzo, I'll be at the restroom. Will be back.

LORENZO - Sure sure, don't be long.

[Scene 14]

SIDDHARTH - (After using the restroom and comes out, he sees Calvin's two other cunning designers going somewhere, he has doubts and follows them at foot. Till leading to the Executive officer's room. He hears them thanking the officer for picking Calvin's design, he takes out his phone and records it).

DESIGNER #2 - Thanks sir, really means a lot to us.

EXECUTIVE OFFICER - I don't know, the new guy, what's his name?

DESIGNER #3 - Siddharth.

EXECUTIVE OFFICER - Ah yes Siddharth, he doesn't look like a threatening competitor to me.

DESIGNER #3 - He does, we've been observing him for the past months or so. The way he talks, idea flow. It's all in place.

DESIGNER #2 - We already knew that he would win.

EXECUTIVE OFFICER - No guys, you don't understand.

DESIGNER #2 - Ehem sir, (counts money going up to $10,000).


DESIGNER #2 - You remember the deal don't you?


DESIGNER #3 - $10,000 was meant for you to stop Siddharth. Not for sentiment talk.

EXECUTIVE OFFICER - Okay but I did as you told me too, so just hand it over!

DESIGNER #2 - Oh no, we can't just give it to you like that. We know very well what you're going to do. You're going to snatch the money and report us to the CEO, so we can get fired.

EXECUTIVE OFFICER - Oh no, I-I would never-

DESIGNER #3 - Don't be such a drama king. We know you won't do that, that's why we're warning you. If you do, I'll get you fired also for accepting our bribe. You don't want that to happen do you?

EXECUTIVE OFFICER - This is idiotic! of what power do you think you'll report me?

DESIGNER #2 - Code of Law section 3.05, employees have the right towards lawsuit for his or her particular culprit. Whether it be boss or co-worker.


DESIGNER #3 - So, what are you going to do with this money?

EXECUTIVE OFFICER - Take it and do nothing.

DESIGNER #2 - Exactly, take it!

(Designers leave the room, Siddharth hides behind the trashcan in the hallway)

SIDDHARTH - (Sends the video to the CEO) dirty rascals, unsportsmanlike is it?

[Scene 15]

SIDDHARTH - (Sees that they haven't been fired yet) CEO!

CEO - Yes Siddharth.

SIDDHARTH - Did you see the video I sent you?

CEO - What video?

SIDDHARTH - I sent it to you yesterday afternoon.

CEO - Oh really? let me check (sees the video and is in shock) Siddharth, go call those two!

SIDDHARTH - Sure sir.

(Comes back with those two designers)

CEO - Siddharth, please wait outside.

SIDDHARTH - Okay sir.

DESIGNER #2 - What is it sir?

CEO - Executive officer.

DESIGNER #3 - Huh?

CEO - $10,000.

DESIGNER #2 - Huh!

CEO - Bribe.

DESIGNER #3 - What!

CEO - You two.

(Designers, completely shocked)

CEO - So tell me, is this why I hired the both of you? to simply bribe an idiotic officer to come to the top? No, you are designers! you don't give money to win, you design to get money! Now tell me, what is it you have against Siddharth? tell me!

(They stay silent)

CEO - Oh! I see, Jealousy huh? I can't believe I have you good-for nothing designers. How old are you both?

DESIGNER #2 - 35

DESIGNER #3 - 37

CEO - 35 and 37, and yet you still can't be recognized for your design. A 23 year old who has just entered the company has shown significance in his effort. Even I thought that he would win, when coming to hear about Calvin's triumph I was shocked for a second and then recovered, because it was his first go in this company.
That young man is a better designer than you'll ever be! you have put this company to shame. How I know this? Siddharth filmed your conversation with the Officer yesterday. He sent the video to me, he didn't put it on net and do you know why? because he doesn't want our company to fall apart in shame. If Siddharth was the kind of guy you were expecting, by now we'd be out of business because he'd have posted it on youtube. Give me a valuable explanation for why I shouldn't fire you both, including Calvin.

(Gives the CEO an explanation)

CEO - Get out of my office! do that again one more time! you and Calvin get the sack! Siddharth, come in please. I thank you for your risk-taking. Acts like this is very unsportsmanlike. I've given them their last chance.

(enters in)

SIDDHARTH - L-Last chance? b-but why?

CEO - You see Siddharth, in these type of cases we can't fire them immediately. You're always given a warning, then in the end you're sacked.

SIDDHARTH - But come on sir, they've already sabotaged my idea. At least if you're not firing them can you at least change the design to mine?

CEO - No can do, we've already finalized everything in yesterday's meeting, production lines are now working. We can't stop it.

SIDDHARTH - But sir it's a false idea, no one will be keen on working with it once they've known it's the wrong idea.

CEO - Well they won't know, we'll just keep the production going and in the end we'll announce that it's false. If you want we'll apply your phone idea for the next coming round.

SIDDHARTH - And when is that?

CEO - 2 years time.

SIDDHARTH - That long for our next project?

CEO - No don't be silly, the next coming round for designing the Citrus Phone. Then we'll use this without further a due.

SIDDHARTH - But come on sir, I've put in 4 months of hard work into this. In the end my design is clean and yet you go with the false idea. This isn't proper justice sir, picking the black sheep's design over mine. It may not be too late, you can still announce the change of plans.

CEO - Siddharth, I understand what you mean. But you have to understand that this is how the real world works. You're still our new recruit, you've so far only had competition within your college. This my friend is the big league! you're competing within the company and the outside world. You can change your design within your college competition, it'll only affect you. But here one small change like what you ask for will affect the manufacturing department, software department, marketing department, more than that the entire company will be affected.

SIDDHARTH - But sir you've just started the production line, no one outside knows about the release of the new Citrus Phone. You can tell them to stop and give a change of plans, what maybe we'll just lose a bit of our manufacturing budget. But that's okay because I'll cover it as soon as we earn some profit out of the new design.

CEO - Hmm....I'll think about it and let you know.

SIDDHARTH - When sir?

CEO - Tomorrow.

SIDDHARTH - Tomorrow? but sir it'll be too late.

CEO - Siddharth you have to understand that everyone's busy, I'm busy you're busy they're busy. I just don't have the time okay! you want an answer? I'll tell you right now that we can't change it. What's decided has been decided, we can't interfere with the big network!

SIDDHARTH - Sir can you pass me a piece of paper and pen?

CEO - Sure, why?

SIDDHARTH - You'll know afterwards (writes his down a big long passage and signs it) here you go sir.

CEO - What is this?

SIDDHARTH - My resignation.

CEO - Wait what? resignation! why? why? what happened?

SIDDHARTH - You prefer the devil's choice over the angel's choice. Even after sending you evidence, getting them into trouble, having a long talk and coming up with a solution you just won't budge. You're like a rock, I'd rather go someplace else.

CEO - But come on Siddharth, this-this company needs someone like you!

SIDDHARTH - Orange, already the top design company in the world. What more can you want?

CEO - B-But you like this company from the very beginning, it-it's your dream job isn't it?

SIDDHARTH - Then it was, now the Orange has become juice. So long!

(Siddharth leaves)

CEO - Secretary!

SECRETARY - Yes sir? any problem?

CEO - We've just lost $50 million worth of profit.

SECRETARY - What do you mean sir?

CEO - We hired someone worth this amount, now we've lost him.

SECRETARY - How sir?

CEO - Arrogance.

[Scene 16]

LORENZO - Hey Siddharth! what's going on?

SIDDHARTH - I'm out of the building.

LORENZO - Out of the building?


LORENZO - You mean intelligence Quotient?

SIDDHARTH - (Pissed) Go see the CEO, ask what's the case with me. You'll know, goodbye!

LORENZO - Bye, what was that all about?

(Goes to CEO's room)

LORENZO - CEO, Siddharth said he's leaving the building. What's going on?

CEO - He umm....resigned.

LORENZO - W-What?! h-he resigned! but how?

CEO - Arrogance that's why.

LORENZO - Arrogance? really? Siddharth doesn't seem to be that sort of guy.

CEO - Lorenzo please understand one thing. A coin always has two sides, heads and tails. You saw the bright part of him, not the dark part.

LORENZO - So what happened now?

CEO - Long story short, the coin is in the Vending Machine slot. Once you've lost it, you never get it back.

[Scene 17]

(Siddharth immediately gets his files and certificates and heads for Keyls)

CALLER - Next!

CEO - Hi, take a seat. What's your name?

SIDDHARTH - Siddharth.

CEO - Siddharth, okay good. Hand me over your files and certificates. (goes over them) wow excellent records at NUS, 3 time design competition winner! impressive very impressive. Siddharth I'm pleased with your work.

SIDDHARTH - Thanks sir.

CEO - I'm very comfortable with giving you the job, but only after you've answered my question.


CEO - Are you a post-graduate or have you previously worked for another company?

SIDDHARTH - Umm....actually sir I've previously worked for another company.

CEO - Oh nice! very nice to hear, it's great to steal talents from other companies.


CEO - No I mean have talents from other companies. Which company did you previously work for?


CEO - O-O-Orange?!

SIDDHARTH - Yes sir.

CEO - Oh no, oh god.

SIDDHARTH - Why what happened? is there anything wrong?

CEO - Get out!

SIDDHARTH - Excuse me?

CEO - I said get out!

SIDDHARTH - What about my job?

CEO - You don't get a job! get out of my office, stay away from my company!

SIDDHARTH - Sir can you at least tell me why you're telling me to leave?

CEO - Oh! you want me to tell you everything like a bedtime story? listen up! I'll only say this once! Keyls and Orange are enemies! enemies worse than your daring nightmare. Even if we're within a 100m distance it'll be war! I would prefer hiring post-graduates or people who worked previously for other companies. But no! never under my breath an Ex-Orange employee! I do not wish to be influenced by your juice-pulpy ideas. This is Keyls! totally different from the crap you did there.

SIDDHARTH - So does that mean-

CEO - Get out! of my company!

[Scene 18]

(Siddharth walking around Raffles Place all tired and all)

(He sits on a sofa in Marina bay sands, and sees an inspiring ad on the big screen)

AD - Every man has their strength and weaknesses, every man has the desire to achieve something, no one wants be lead. They wish to lead, become a leader, form your own empire. Because everyone's worth it.

SIDDHARTH - Empire huh? empire-empire. Yes!

[Scene 19]

SIDDHARTH - An empire, I'll form my own design company and show everyone what I can do!

(Siddharth gets down to work, coming up with plans for logo's, aim etc.)

SIDDHARTH - Hello! Richard it's me Siddharth, I want you, Cathy, Clark, Derek and Jia Jun to be at my place within the next 2 hours.

RICHARD - W-What's this about?

SIDDHARTH - Something huge, really huge.

(Richard gets confused over what just happened)

RICHARD - Hello Cathy!

CATHY - (Hears what it's about) within the next 2 hours?

CLARK - At Siddharth's Place?

DEREK - But I'm in the middle of searching for work.

JIA JUN - Is it really important?

RICHARD - Yes it's important, I myself don't know what this is about. All he told me was that this is huge.

[Scene 20]

(Siddharth's waiting)


RICHARD - Siddharth, it's me Richard.

SIDDHARTH - Oh hey! are you here yet?

RICHARD - I'm at your condo's lobby with the others.

SIDDHARTH - Okay cool.

(They make their way upstairs)

SIDDHARTH - Hey guys!

CATHY - Quiet down Siddharth.

SIDDHARTH - What? why?

CLARK - You know we're busy don't you?

DEREK - I was in the middle of searching a job.

SIDDHARTH - Guys please, what I'm about to tell you guys is what most of you are waiting for.

CATHY - What are you going to do? give us a job?

SIDDHARTH - Spoiler alert!

CATHY - What?!

DEREK - Y-You! Getting---us


JIA JUN - The hell! Siddharth are you serious?

SIDDHARTH - I'm serious. That's why I told you guys to assemble here, have a seat.

CLARK - Now tell us, what is this about?

SIDDHARTH - Just a few months ago I went for a job interview at Orange. I got the job.

CATHY - Wow! that's awesome! but what does this have to do with you giving us jobs?

SIDDHARTH - Please let me finish. I soon found out that the company is corrupt.

RICHARD - Corrupt? how?

SIDDHARTH - Bribe. We were all given an assignment to design the new Citrus Phone, someone else's design got chosen. I had doubts over that person and followed him at foot, turns out he bribed the Executive officer a sum of $10,000 to pick his design.

DEREK - Oh god! t-this is Orange?

SIDDHARTH - Still can't believe it? here's more evidence. I compelled the CEO to change the design to whoever the original winner was, I was the original winner. He still gave a nod saying "No". He keeps telling me that they've started the manufacturing production for it and they can't afford to lose anymore money.

JIA JUN - That's bullshit. They're a Multi-National Company, not only that they're the leading company.

SIDDHARTH - Exactly! he's just got a terrible approach and attitude with these things.

CATHY - Okay so you found out it's corrupt, what did you do? quit?

SIDDHARTH - Yes I quit my job. Immediately I gathered my files and headed over to Keyls for a job interview.

RICHARD - How did you manage to get an appointment this quick?

SIDDHARTH - The Keyls website has two sections for appointment bookings, one for post-graduates and another one for other company recruits. Booking an appointment for other company recruits is faster.


SIDDHARTH - So yes I went for my job interview at Keyls. Keyls said everything about me is okay, except for the fact that I previously worked for Orange.

DEREK - What's wrong about that?

SIDDHARTH - Orange and Keyls are huge rivals in the business network. They don't want an ex-orange employee to be part of them.

CLARK - Woah, it's that strict?

SIDDHARTH - Well it just goes to show that people would do anything to stay in the league. Now back to me, I roamed around the Raffles Place area, jobless. I plopped myself on a coach in Marina Bay Sands, I saw an advertisement which struck me. It was about creating a whole new empire.

CATHY - Let me get this straight, you found out that it's pointless joining either company so you've decided to start your own company? and by doing that you want us to help you build the foundation?

SIDDHARTH - On the dot! spot on! I've decided to start my own company. I'm going to need help from you guys to build this foundation. Who's in?

(After a long pause everyone raises their hand)

JIA JUN - Just one doubt, when you mean company do you mean a design company?

CATHY - Obviously what else do you think it is?

SIDDHARTH - Yes it's a design company, but I've also decided to start a research institute.

DEREK - Why?

SIDDHARTH - Business in our case scenario covers two main factors: One is using statistics and research, two is using the statistics and research to create a product. We'll definitely benefit off the research institute. Plus among us we have two PhD degree holders, Cathy and Clark.

CLARK - Right. Now where do we start off?

SIDDHARTH - Okay, so first we have two assignments on our hands: One is hiring two architects to assist Jia Jun and Derek with designing the buildings.

JIA JUN - Which buildings?

SIDDHARTH - The Research institute and Design Company, you and Derek are going to design the infrastructure of both buildings with the help of two architects. You two can start that right now.

DEREK - Do we have a criterion for designing?

SIDDHARTH - Good question, yes you do. The design company should have more floors and match with other big company buildings, 30-40 floors will do. As for the research institute, I want it to be larger by area not by height. Make the institute have about 3-4 floors.

JIA JUN - Got it! which two architects should we go looking for?

SIDDHARTH - You can check the Classified paper, you'll find architects and contractors there. Just keep in mind that you two will be designing the style and looks, they'll take care of the dimensions and all.

DEREK - Okay got it, when do you want the plans to be finished by?

SIDDHARTH - What's the date?

CLARK - December 15th.

SIDDHARTH - Finalize the plans by December 27th. You can get to work.

CLARK - What about us?

SIDDHARTH - I want you to book an appointment with the Governor to discuss the new building plans, if we start booking an appointment now, we could present the plans to him within the next 2 weeks latest.

CATHY - Got it. Anything else to do afterwards?

SIDDHARTH - For now there's nothing else afterwards. Only after the Governor's confirmation we can proceed with our next plans, I won't put you under pressure with upcoming plans. Focus on these for now, I'll be around to assist both your group and Derek's team. Let's go!

[Scene 20]

O. CEO - Hello?

K. CEO - Hey, what kind of a fool do you take me for?

O. CEO - Hello? who's this?

K. CEO - Don't act stupid! it's me, from Keyls.

O. CEO - Oh it's you! what do you want?

K. CEO - So you think you could sabotage my company by sending one of your people over to me?

O. CEO - Sabo- what? what are blabbering on about?

K. CEO - Hey hey! don't act like you've just landed from Mars. I can see what you're trying to do.

O. CEO - For your information we have better things to do than parceling people over to you.

K. CEO - Oh is that so?

O. CEO - Oh just please tell me what's going on and I'll understand!

K. CEO - Fine if that's what you want, today at 3:00pm a person by the name of Siddharth came for an appointment here.

O. CEO - Siddharth? wait hold on Siddharth?!

K. CEO - Yes you heard me, Siddharth. He came here for a job interview.

O. CEO - Siddharth?---Job interview?---at Keyls?---but how could this be? he just resigned this morning.

K. CEO - Oh Oh! he resigned! ho ho poor boy.

O. CEO - He went straight to you for a job?

K. CEO - Yes! what do you think I've been trying to get through you all this time?

O. CEO - Listen this has nothing to do with me. I'll explain everything from my view, he resigned this morning, afterwards there wasn't anything done between him and me.

K. CEO - Over you say huh?

O. CEO - Yes! over! he resigned! his loss! it was his choice, going to you for a job.

K. CEO - But why me?

O. CEO - (Awkward pause) don't ask me why, I'm not Siddharth. Hear me one more time, I did not send Siddharth over to you. I do not have plans to sabotage your business, however we will forever overtake you in the long run.

K. CEO - Oi! watch your back! I'm holding on to your ankles, I'll breakthrough! you'll never see another profit of it afterwards.

O. CEO - Get out! (drops the call and sits with a headache)

SECRETARY - Sir are you okay?

O. CEO - Siddharth, ever since he resigned my pressure is increasing.

SECRETARY - Blood pressure or work pressure?

O. CEO - (Yells) Both! Listen I'm sorry, I'm just frustrated that's it. We've let go of a golden ticket, the golden ticket has gone in search for a new job at the Dark side.

SECRETARY - Dark side? you mean Keyls?

O. CEO - Yes, and now the Keyls CEO thinks I'm trying to sabotage his business with Siddharth. So stupid it doesn't even make sense, doesn't even fall into place!

SECRETARY - Listen sir, I know losing Siddharth is a pain in the ass.

O. CEO - Oi Language!

SECRETARY - Oh sorry sir, what I'm saying is that this year we're getting tons of interview requests from both post-graduates and ex-company recruits. It won't be long till we find another one like Siddharth.

O. CEO - Dean! let me tell you one thing. Siddharth is a three time NUS competition winner! what's the chance of finding another Organic product?

SECRETARY - But come on sir, just think. Siddharth's competitors must be experienced competitors, if we hire them we'll know most of Siddharth's techniques.

O. CEO - Come on, Damn it! I'm looking for a winner not the losers! what's thew point of leading a pack of losers. Not going to get you anywhere in the big league, it's a huge world out there. I'll be up for heavy loss if that's what you're talking about. What more do we have to lose?

SECRETARY - Customers?

O. CEO - Spot on! yes customers! Oh how stupid I was when saying no to Siddharth this morning. The customers are on the edge of their seats every year for the new phone, by the time they get their hands on the new phone it's either too big or it's in different material. Siddharth's idea, was out of the ordinary. One day of selling, just one day of selling this in the market. We would remain in the big league for the next 10-12 years.

SECRETARY - Well sir then you'll have to compel your team to meet those expectations. Why not ask Lorenzo?

O. CEO - Wait hold on a second, Lorenzo? Lorenzo! that's it! he's been of great help with Siddharth. If I can get information through him about Siddharth's mind wave and idea then there's nothing stopping us, Lorenzo's our only chance.

SECRETARY - Until we come face to face with Siddharth's design in whatever company he's in now.

O. CEO - Why do you always speak the negative aspects? don't good things ever come out of your mouth?

[Scene 21]

SIDDHARTH - How's it going guys?

JIA JUN - We finally found two architects.

SIDDHARTH - Oh wow, surprising. Did they give you a hard time asking what we're trying to do?

JIA JUN - Not really, they just asked what our plans were. The moment they heard company building they said yes.

SIDDHARTH - Sounds good. Are they on their way here?

JIA JUN - They'll be here in the next half an hour or so.

SIDDHARTH - Sounds great.

CATHY - Well Siddharth we've found our two architects, you suppose everything will go well?

SIDDHARTH - Yep everything will go well, not perfectly well but decent.

CLARK - Anything up your mind for us to do?

SIDDHARTH - Up my mind....got it! you're right we could work simultaneously.

CATHY - Point is?

SIDDHARTH - While they're busy with the architects we can start browsing universities to find post-graduates.

CLARK - Why post-graduates?

CATHY - Oh I get it, to form the rest of the crew right?

SIDDHARTH - Yep, it's good to start now because the moment we've gotten confirmation from the governor about our plans, we could immediately get to work. The quicker the better.

CLARK - But what's the rush?

SIDDHARTH - Clark it's a whole wide world out there. Whether you're aware of it or not, once we've started our company we're going to get plunged into the big league. And here's the catch, the big league is no ordinary league like the ones in a football stadium. It's every company against every company, every company is competing against others....Worldwide! I want to try and get into the league by the months of January or February, then there'll be less chance of us being wiped-out.

CLARK - I see.

SIDDHARTH - Universities have the students graduating at different times of the year. We need to try and get access to the post-graduates that have graduated during this month. If we can get in touch with them along with their interest we can move forward.

CATHY - Great, where do we start?

SIDDHARTH - Top priority: NUS final year students graduate during this time of the year, pick about 3 people from the NUS post-graduate list. You can find the list on the NUS website.

CLARK - Of what qualifications should we look for?

SIDDHARTH - Phd, Computer Sciences and ASD (Art and sustainable design). Each of them should have one of these qualifications. So when you've picked people we have 1 Phd, 1 Computer Sciences and 1 ASD post-graduate.

CLARK - Got it! but you do realize we can't only depend on 3 people.

SIDDHARTH - Well yes, I'll leave the rest of this to you. Priority is finding three people from NUS, afterwards you can pick others from other universities.

CATHY - How many people maximum?

SIDDHARTH - 15 people, so that means 3 people from 5 universities. You can get to work.

CLARK - On it!

[Scene 22]

O. CEO - Are you sure?

LORENZO - I'm pretty sure with what I say sir, Siddharth plans his every approach using mind maps and brainstorms.

O. CEO - That's crazy, it's old school. Yet it works effectively.

LORENZO - As far as I'm concerned sir he's sort of the only one who plans his work like this, everyone else uses word documents to type their plans.

O. CEO - Hmm....do you by chance have a copy of Siddharth's plan?

LORENZO - No sir.

O. CEO - Damn it!

LORENZO - However, he did give his plans to the Supervisor.

O. CEO - Supervisor?

LORENZO - Yes sir, you remember? for the design selection meeting.

O. CEO - Meeting....that's it! he's given his plans to the supervisor! if I can get it from him then we'll have our hands on his plan to reserve for the next few years.

LORENZO - What was that sir?

O. CEO - You see Lorenzo, Siddharth may have left the company. But he's left a huge trail at the back of him, and that trail my friend will be our ticket to remain at the top for the next 10 years.

LORENZO - Sir but-

O. CEO - Lorenzo do as I say, go get Siddharth's plans.

LORENZO - O-Okay sir.

(Leaves the room)

LORENZO - Supervisor!

SUPERVISOR - Yes Lorenzo.

LORENZO - Do you have Siddharth's plans?

SUPERVISOR - Siddharth? who is that?

LORENZO - You remember? the new guy who joined recently but quit his job.

SUPERVISOR - Oh that guy! yes, the plans are with the executive officer. I passed it onto him so he could pick the final design plan.

LORENZO - Okay thanks.

(Heads to the Executive officer's room)

LORENZO - Sir do you by chance have Siddharth's plans?


LORENZO - Yes Siddharth, you remember him don't you? the new guy?

EXECUTIVE OFFICER - Y-Y-Yes I-I remember him very well.

LORENZO - Why are you stammering all of a sudden, you're always a relaxed chap.

EXECUTIVE OFFICER - Oh it's nothing really.

LORENZO - Come on you can tell me, no pressure.

EXECUTIVE OFFICER - No really it's nothing.

LORENZO - Oh okay then, where are his plans?

EXECUTIVE OFFICER - You can check in my file cabinet, second drawer by the left.

LORENZO - This one right? got it.

EXECUTIVE OFFICER - Yes you do that, I'll be out getting a cup of coffee. I'll be back.

LORENZO - Sure thing, (opens the file and finds Siddharth's plans shredded, he's surprised to see this).

(Executive Officer's phone buzzes because of a message being received)

LORENZO - (Curiously checks out what his message is and found out it was sent by Calvin) Calvin? "Don't forget, I've got lawsuit". What's that all about? (scrolls up and finds an entire chat conversation about them plotting on Siddharth, he's shocked to see this) Oh my god! this was what's been happening all along.

EXECUTIVE OFFICER - Oi! what are you doing snooping around my office! give me back my phone.

LORENZO - It's you isn't it?

EXECUTIVE OFFICER - What are you talking about?

LORENZO - You.....Sabotaged Siddharth's pride.

EXECUTIVE OFFICER - (Shocked reaction) w-what! h-how-

LORENZO - Your Whatsapp, I was just about to leave the room but then I saw this message from Calvin.

EXECUTIVE OFFICER - (Checks the message from Calvin) Oh dear!

LORENZO - How could you do such a thing? let me get this straight, is this why he quit his job?


LORENZO - Answer me! is this why he quit his job?!

EXECUTIVE OFFICER - Okay fine you got me! yes it was a sabotage. Not by me! it was by Calvin. He knew fair and square that Siddharth would take the pride so he bribed me a sum of $10,000 to pick his plan.

LORENZO - Damn it! how could you do such--(mad) You know what? I'm going to tell the CEO.

EXECUTIVE OFFICER - Go ahead, he already knows and gave me a warning.

LORENZO - Wait what?

EXECUTIVE OFFICER - I've already gotten a bitter treatment from him.

LORENZO - Without my knowledge? how come? I'm going to check.

(enters CEO's office)

O. CEO - Hi Lorenzo! did you get Siddharth's plans?

LORENZO - Yes, it's shredded.

O. CEO - Shredded? but how?

LORENZO - Sabotage, Calvin sabotaged Siddharth's plan.

O. CEO - Oh right yes, wait hold on! how do you know about this?

LORENZO - I saw the Executive Officer's Whatsapp, he got a message from Calvin reminding him to not forget about his lawsuit.

O. CEO - C-Calvin?! Oh god.

LORENZO - I found out everything! sir please tell me, did Siddharth quit by himself or what?

O. CEO - Lorenzo have a seat. Yes Siddharth quit by himself, you see we had a sort of a quarrel. He tried compelling me to change the design plans to his, but how foolish I was there telling him we can't because manufacturing had already started. Well he knew what he had to do, quit the job and left the building. If that's not all he immediately went to apply for a job at Keyls, and now that CEO was quarreling with me a while ago thinking I tried to sabotage his business with one of our people.

LORENZO - Wow, so much over one employee.

O. CEO - Oh Lorenzo he's not any ordinary employee, if he's gotten us into this much of trouble and headache then boy o' boy will he be a big shot.

LORENZO - What do you mean sir?

O. CEO - God knows which company he's in. If his design comes head to head with us we're done for, we can pack our bags and move to making Pencils.

LORENZO - Sir there's got to be a better way, I mean what if we lose Siddharth and sabotaged his plans. Let's put this aside, what do you have as a backup plan? we don't need to rely on Siddharth's plan, he's gone sir! he's gone. Let's compel the design crew to work harder and apply most of what Siddharth implied in his work. If we can follow that we could come up with something original.

O. CEO - You know what, you're probably right. Who needs that Siddharth? yes he's a three time NUS competition winner but he's missing something. A job at the greatest company in the world!

LORENZO - That's the spirit!

O. CEO - Hahaha!

[Scene 23]

DEREK - Siddharth! can you please come here?

SIDDHARTH - Coming! yes what is it?

DEREK - We've finished our plans for both buildings.

SIDDHARTH - Hmm...I love the design work! What are the dimensions for the company building?

ARCHITECT #1 - 25m x 50m x 150m

SIDDHARTH - Sounds good. How about the Research building?

ARCHITECT #2 - 125m x 75m x 45m

SIDDHARTH - Great! sounds good to me. So has everything been finalised? ready to present to the governor?

JIA JUN - Yes everything's in place. All the measurements, designs have been verified and checked over.

SIDDHARTH - Great! so all that's left is to present this to the governor.

ARCHITECT #1 - Does this mean our work here is done?

SIDDHARTH - Yes, thank you so much. It means a lot.

ARCHITECT #2 - Good doing business with you. Now then, time to cover the service charges.

SIDDHARTH - Service charges? oh right yes! service charges. How much?

ARCHITECT #1 - $1500 for each of us.

JIA JUN - Oh my god! that's a lot.

ARCHITECT #2 - What? don't tell me you're going to cheat on us.

SIDDHARTH - Nonsense! guys calm down, don't worry I have the money.

DEREK - Phew! just out of curiosity, why is it that expensive?

ARCHITECT #2 - There's an assigned service charge to pay if you're making plans for certain buildings.

ARCHITECT #1 - Planning houses and shopping malls cost nearly half this price.

ARCHITECT #2 - Planning Metro rails, schools and condominiums cost 25% of this price.

ARCHITECT #1 - Last but not least planning airports, universities and company buildings cost this much. I mean come on we're planning something really commercial here.

DEREK - True, true.

SIDDHARTH - Here you go, $3000.

ARCHITECT #2 - Thank you very much, best of luck!

SIDDHARTH - For what?

ARCHITECT #1 - Starting your empire of course.

SIDDHARTH - Ah that! thank you.

(Architects leave)

JIA JUN - Now then, I believe you're going to present the plans to the governor. What's our next assignment?

SIDDHARTH - Your next assignment is to design the logo for both the company and the Design institute.

DEREK - Should they be completely different logos or slightly the same?

SIDDHARTH - Completely different. My plan is to make the research institute accessible for everyone, from Phd holders to college students to public. Like a library, I'm thinking about having the top 2 floors used by Research employees and the bottom floor for the public to use.

JIA JUN - Sounds great! so does that mean-

SIDDHARTH - Yes the design company and research institute won't be in collaboration. If it is I would be sacked! I'm making it fair for myself and everyone including other companies. It's their choice if they want to make use of research statistics to design good products, otherwise we're the primary users. People won't have doubts on us because we'll just tell them that we use research statistics to design our products.

DEREK - Smart, that's really smart.

SIDDHARTH - I'll see if it's a smart move once we begin business. So I'll leave it to you guys now to design the logos, this time you can relax a bit because we'll release the logo's to public a year before the grand opening.

DEREK - Okay.

[Scene 24]

CATHY - Check the NTU website.

CLARK - Okay, wow there are so many graduates.

CATHY - How many?

CLARK - Like at least 550.

CATHY - Are you serious? graduated this month?

CLARK - I'm serious! just look, I just can't make up my mind about who to get.

CATHY - True, and we can only get 3 people from each university. Check how many Phd graduates there are.

CLARK - Okay, oh god. There are about 150 Phd holders.

CATHY - What?! that's so much. How do we decide on who to pick?

CLARK - Check their university records?

CATHY - Right, check that.

CLARK - Thank goodness, only 70 people got a perfect score.

CATHY - Only? that's so much. How do we decide on this?

CLARK - A raffle?

CATHY - Stop playing around, it was easy finding NUS and ITE graduates. This is just hard. How many ASD graduates?

CLARK - 50 ASD graduates.

CATHY - Hmm...that's reasonable enough. Computer sciences?

CLARK - 95 graduates.

CATHY - Okay that's not too bad either. First we'll pick an ASD graduate and a Computer sciences graduate.

CLARK - What about Phd graduate?

CATHY - We'll sort that out once we've finished these ones.

[Scene 25]

DESIGNER #1 - Calvin did you hear!

CALVIN - I know! I'm not stupid.

DESIGNER #1 - About what?

CALVIN - The fact that they're going by Siddharth's way and not mine. Unbelievable, they even stopped the manufacturing production line for my plans.

DESIGNER #2 - What was supposed to happen happened.

CALVIN - What do you mean?

DESIGNER #2 - (Stammering in fear) I-I m-mean t-that i-it just h-happened.

CALVIN - (Closing in on him) don't tell me that you were the one trying to reveal my sabotage. You don't want to lose your job do you?

DESIGNER #2 - N-No I d-don't.

CALVIN - Heh...then don't talk bullshit. You told me about what's going on, okay. If I hear this same punch one more time (cracks his knuckles with fingers) you know what's coming for you.

(Calvin leaves)

DESIGNER #1 - Idiot! I can't believe we risked our reputation to get his design on the line.

DESIGNER #2 - Shush! quiet down, or else he'll come back and get the better of us.

DESIGNER #1 - Come on let's go, we have better things to do than attending to that dog.

[Scene 26]

GOVERNOR - Let me get this straight, you want to start your own empire?


GOVERNOR - A new company and a research institute? is that right?


GOVERNOR - What makes you think that I can give you permission to start this empire?

SIDDHARTH - I want to prove to the world that products used for what they're truly meant for will appeal best to everyone.

GOVERNOR - Impressive I must say, well there's nothing stopping you right now.

SIDDHARTH - Does that mean I can proceed with my plans?

GOVERNOR - Yes! you have full permission to do so. I'm giving you land near the Changi Tech Park for your design company, and land near botanic gardens for your research institute.

SIDDHARTH - Isn't there space at the CBD?

GOVERNOR - Sorry sonny, we've already gotten too many things going on there. Company buildings, shopping, tourism and so on. We've already decided on building 2 bank headquarters and a huge recreational area, this would take up most of the remaining land of the CBD.

SIDDHARTH - You said most of it, why not give that land to us?

GOVERNOR - Problem is that your buildings won't fit in that area because the remaining space in the CBD after development would give us an area of about 1,112 square meters.

SIDDHARTH - Oh okay.

GOVERNOR - But look on the bright side, Changi and places near Botanic gardens are very deserted areas. Mostly parks and tech parks. I'm giving both these lands to you.

SIDDHARTH - Thank you sir, how much will the price be for construction?

GOVERNOR - $6 million.

SIDDHARTH - $6 m-million?

GOVERNOR - Why what happened? you don't have the money?

SIDDHARTH - Thing is that I never expected to come this far, totally left money out of knowledge. I'll somehow pay the amount to you.

GOVERNOR - Hmmm...okay. I'll give you 4 days time to get the money.

SIDDHARTH - 4 days time?!

GOVERNOR - I'm sorry sonny, you see that huge line of people waiting?


GOVERNOR - Most of them have booked an appointment to discuss land construction matters like you. If you delay this then I have no choice but to give the land to someone else in that line.

SIDDHARTH - O- Okay sir, I'll try and get the money to you. One more thing, will you yourself allocate a construction group for us?

GOVERNOR - Ah yes, forgot to discuss that matter. Here you get pick the group, I give a choice of five construction groups that work mainly towards constructing company buildings and research institutes.

SIDDHARTH - Okay, (decides hard and ticks a group) I pick Lite Constructions.

GOVERNOR - Lite Constructions? okay then. I'll send over the construction plan and details to the group once you've handed over the money.

SIDDHARTH - Okay sir. One last thing, s-salary rights?

GOVERNOR - Salary rights? oh that! yes you need it right? after all you are starting your own empire.

SIDDHARTH - Yes, when will I get salary rights?

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