I saw a weary bird,
Lost, lonely, trying to find its own way.
Its wings were tired and there it was,
Seeking no help from others.
I saw it screaming towards the sky,
Yelling and cursing the clouds,
For they betrayed it.
It didn't lose hope,
Like most of us would,
It didn't curse itself,
Like most of us would.
Instead, it made an impact.

The sky threw it to the dust.
It had tasted mud and dirt.
The sun was all over it.
But then I saw it rising,
Rising from the ashes,
Telling us the tales of glory,
Of courage, hope and heroism.
It told me, 'You have to be on your own always.'
It told me, 'You only fight your won battle.'
And then it raced towards the sky,
After teaching me a lesson for life.
It never looked back, never ever,
For it has an ambition, to reach the sky.

I know it will reach there,
Oh! And it inspired me so much!

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