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(Plaster calls his beloved Juslut and informs her about his plans to visit her town. She decides to arrange a rendezvous between him and her parents in the hope that he will charm them away from Romhoe and the ridiculous idea of their marriage. Romhoe meanwhile seems not so elated about this “hawt” guy Plaster that his little sister keeps shrieking about.)

Plaster: (On the phone with Juslut) Hey, I am outside your “Mansion”, I thought you were just kidding me that you live in a freaking mansion. Cool shit!

Juslut: Mansions are overrated, I would rather live in a trailer by a hill. Let yourself in. I will be down in a minute.

(Plaster enters the premises, he marvels over the architecture and takes a keen interest in the building next door where someone seems to be looking straight at him, as he stares back, the window is slammed shut. He proceeds to walk into the Cabullet’s living room and stumbles when he encounters the whole of Cabullet family waiting for him on an antique sofa.)

Juslut’s Father: So we hear, you want to propose marriage to our sweet little daughter? You know that she is betrothed to the successor of the great MoVague family!

Juslut: (Shouts from upstairs, her voice is muffled because of the locked door) Dad! You are not going to scare him away. He loves me! Roza, open the friggin door.

Plaster: I—I dunno-. I just came here to pick her up for a da—date!

Juslut’s Father: A date! She is going to be engaged to Romhoe MoVague and you talk about dating her?

Juslut: This was a bad idea. Dad, calm down. Plaster, I think--- (Looks around.) Plaster?

(Plaster stands outside unable to comprehend what he has landed himself into, he sees a silhouette walking towards him in the evening light.)

Romhoe: You, I don’t like you creep. Stay away from my turf, bitch! (Punches Plaster, sound of a nose breaking pierces the silence.)

Plaster: (Mumbles as he holds his hand against his nose) Who the fuck are you, now?

Romhoe: I am the Romhoe MoVague, destroyer of creeps and saviour of whores!

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