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Act 3 Scene 2
(While Juslut has submitted to her fate, Romhoe is indulging in a proscriptive romance with Plaster. Romhoe knows it very well that his love can prosper only as a secret affair, he would be shunned by his family if he ever came out with the truth.)

Plaster: (Lying next to Romhoe) What are we going to do about us? You are getting engaged tomorrow with Juslut! I don’t want to lose you and you know you cant be happy with her.

Romhoe: I know babe, I know. I am just hoping that she would be happy with my money and maybe believe that we are bestfriends.

Plaster: That is fucking stupid and you know it.

Romhoe: (Sighs) I cant hide you always but you know my parents, they won’t allow me to marry any other girl, let alone a guy.

Plaster: I don’t care, I believe that if you love me, you should have the courage to accept me and yourself for who we are. Then only, you will have the courage to face your parents.

Romhoe: (After thinking it over.) I can’t promise you anything, I will try my best, babe. Gotta call my weed guy. (Says goodbye to Plaster and helps him sneak out of his room)

(Meanwhile Juslut is being primped for her engagement, the torturous waxing and plucking is effecting her decision to get married.)

Female friend 1: You are so lucky, getting engaged bitch! Now you can get laid every night all legit and shit!

Juslut: Yeah that was the dream. (Sighs)

Female friend 2: (Whispers.) Do you know what Plaster is up to these days? Or shall I say whose hooha Plaster is up these days?

Juslut: (Voice dripping with melancholy) He never went up mine.

Female friend 1: It is your next door bitch Dahoe Movague, Romhoe’s not so little sister.

Juslut: (Suddenly excited.) What? No fucking way. Where is the fucking whore? Let me at her!

Female friend 1: Calm down, you can do that tomorrow, after she becomes your sister-in-law. (says sarcastically.)

Juslut: (Her armpit hair are pulled out by hot wax.) Holy mother of-- What have I gotten myself into?

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