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Act 4 Scene 1
(While Plaster and Romhoe’s love is reaching new heights (and bottoms), Juslut is busy spying on Dahoe to find out if she is Plaster’s new girlfriend. She lurks in Movagues’s garden, wondering what Plaster is doing in Romhoe’s room.)

Juslut: (Thinking) Romhoe is probably going to beat him up for hitting on his sister. Such fun. Much wow.

(Romhoe throws him against the window, tearing the curtain, before Juslut can fully smile, Romhoe starts kissing Plaster to her bewilderment.)

Juslut: (Fans herself) So fucking hot! Wait. I am going to get married to a gay guy who is currently humping my ex boyfriend. (Romhoe rips Plaster’s shirt off) Damn! They can really turn the heat up.

(Regains composure and throws a stone at Romhoe’s open window)

Romhoe: The fuck? (Holds bleeding nose and goes towards the window in anger.) Oh God! Juslut looks like she gonna blow. Fuck! Fuck! We are fucked. (louder) Come up. We need to talk.

Juslut: Oh really? Do we? Come on, do you really need to tell your future fiancé that you are gay?

Romhoe: Come up, will you? I have got a plan.

Juslut: (Starts moving toward the entrance) It better be good.

(Plaster wears his clothes awkwardly as Juslut enters the room with her peering eyes, Romhoe walks with her to another room and hushes her exclamations about his inappropriate behaviour with her ex. Then Romhoe proceeds to explain how he is going to get away from the engagement.)

Juslut: So, you are telling me that you will get me out of getting engaged to you and all I have to do is spike the drinks?

Romhoe: Pretty much! Also you get the rights to play victim in this fiasco. Once the families mellow out, I will tell them the truth about me and Plaster. Best case scenario, they let us get engaged. Worst case scenario, we run away. Both ways, you get to be free.

Juslut: Wow! Man! Love really changed you and stuff, you were such an asshole and now you are somebody’s asshole. If you know what I mean.

(Romhoe shakes his head in defeat.)

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