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Act 4 Scene 2: Finale

(It is evening and the engagement party has begun, both the mansions are shining and so are the people. Juslut is wrapped in a peach dress while Romhoe is looking dapper in a tux, moreover Plaster outshines everyone in his newly cross-dressing phase by wearing a sequined dress and legs to die for. Romhoe and Juslut are having a secret rendezvous to conspire against the people who are forcing love on them.)

Romhoe: Just add half of the liquid to the fruit punch, that should be enough to mellow them out so they can accept our rainbow love.

Juslut: It won’t harm them, right? I mean we are talking about toddlers and wheelchair-bound aunts here!

Romhoe: Chill, it would probably make them dance or something. You are probably gonna be laughing at my sorry ass, you are free, you know. I wish we could part as friends, I know I totally stole your hot ass boyfriend and it must suck that he turned gay after dating you. (Snickers.) Was your vajajay that scary?

Juslut: The fuck, dude? Where is your non-hating unicorn-crapping love? Did I comment on how you like it up yours?

(Romhoe raises an eyebrow.)

Juslut: Okay! I get it. We are even then. All the best radass! May you and Plaster live fucking happy forever and always. As long as you don’t say that V word ever. Never ever, never.

(The moon has come up, Juslut sits beside Romhoe while the guests are busy stuffing their mouths and of course drinking the fruit punch. No confession has yet been made by Romhoe and Juslut is getting fidgety.)

Juslut: (Kicks him under the table and whispers.) Do it already, you sissy!

Romhoe: (Flinches.) Not high enough. (Juslut tries to punch his crotch, he guards it meticulously.) Fucking bitch! I mean, they are not high enough.

Juslut: Oh! For a second, I thought you were trying out some BDSM shit on me. (Louder.) May I be excused?

(Juslut walks away as Romhoe continues biting his nails in worry. Meanwhile Plaster is making his way towards Romhoe, trying to entice him with his new look. Romhoe pleads him not to come his way and he relents. Juslut is coming back and the half-full bottle she had has been emptied in the punch bowl. Shit is going to hit the fan.)

Romhoe: Where did you go? I was totally gonna tell everyone but you disappeared.

Juslut: Oh, really? Stop fucking around and confess already.

Romhoe: Umm. Ahem. Alright, here goes-(Plaster’s voice erupts from the mic.)

Plaster: Hello guys! How is the party going on? (Voices from the crowd arise, “Who the fuck is that?” “She is kinda hot! The manly voice though.” “My head is spinning.”) I am Plaster! Some of you may remember me as Juslut’s ex, but now you are going to remember me as Romhoe’s hot fiance. Cheers to awesomeness! (Holds up a glass with a liquid suspiciously looking like the spiked fruit punch.)

Romhoe and Juslut: Holy fuckity fuck!

(As they look around to gauge everyone’s reaction, they are surprised to find most of them circled around something while the children are bouncing off the walls.)

Romhoe: (Wades his way through people who are drooling or feeding themselves with incessant hunger. An old lady is lying on the floor, with her hand on her chest.) Oh fuck? What happened to Aunt Hilda? (Someone is trying to find her pulse, “I think she is dead. What a weird word ‘dead’ is? D-E-A-D hic!”)

(For never was a story of more woe,
Than this of Juslut and gay Romhoe.)


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