Run like the moment is demanding of you,
Run like the Nature is commanding of you.
Run because you will be then offered,
Offered, a Person, Successful.

Run to show the man you are,
Run to depict the sweat you have breathed.
Run to inhale the air, the air you make pure,
Run to exhale the will, fill the air with it.

The matter of pride, honour and flying,
The joy of being a warrior, in times of plight,
The beginning of making, you
The Spark of enlightenment, You!

Run, Run for You.

Run to chase, Run to make them chase,
Run to a healthier mind, a soulful body.
Run, for a strong man lives at the finishing line,
Run, for a dedicated man is waiting at the finishing line,
Run, for the applauses gearing up for a man’s arrival,
Run, for the respect to be earned by the man completing the race,
Run, because that man, At the finishing line is waiting to come into Life,
Waiting, for you,
to be You.
You, are going to be made of that Man.
Once, the Gods make you,
This time, You make yourself.

Become a conscious mind, an aware mind,
A healthy bod, A beautiful bod,
A clear thought process, A strong decisive power,
The unmatched power of letting go,
The boosted confidence to pull the show,
The appraised focus to concentrate on the goal,
The bootstrap to perform quick and better,
The enigma to depict the substance and solace,
The blood to write history,
The glittering light to showcase festive,
The deep insight to showcase perseverance,
All this and so much more,
You achieve, You become.

The enlightenment, The force,
The positive vibe, the impulse,
The traits of a true you,
The making of a true you!

At the rising of the Sun,
At the dawn of the Sun,
My mate, You Run,
The Run of life, The Run towards a better you,
And everything else shall be taken care of,
You Run. Persevere. Face everything.
Get bogged down, Stand up again.
A few more steps, a few more trials,
Some leaps of faith, some hurdles with belief,
You Run, and let the world witness,
A person made of substance,
The substance, they can only exclaim Great, Greater, Greatest!
Be that Runner.

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