Autor disclaimer: This write up is just a piece of imagination. It does not intend to hurt the feelings of any gender. So kindly read it without any personalization or generalization!

She laid there, curling in her bed, flipping her sides, unable to decide anything about the matter on her plate. The cold outside was quite high but not high enough to subside her burning desire.
Yes, she did desire him. After all, he was her crush too (even though he had no idea about it, or so she thought). For her, cupid was always in disguise within his messages. She had no chance of escaping from his gravity. Future seemed promising whenever she imagined it with him. He had behaved as good as she had expected him to. With all the chivalry intact, nothing about him had failed in impressing her any further.
She couldn't have asked for a better date than which she had just returned home from. His smile, his brown eyes, deep voice and above all, like a cherry on top of the ice cream, his excellent kissing ability. Oh even its memory felt so good! His hot breath on her just kissed wet lips. Thanking her starts she changed her sides. Everything about him was good and that was what, was bothering her somewhere. Could someone be that perfect? Was he exaggerating it? Or was he completely faking it? She had no idea. But at the same time she was more than happy to give him the benefit of her doubt. What was the worst that could happen if she was proven wrong? Another heart break? Another score in the list of ex boyfriends? Even after contemplating the matter from every possible angel, this guy still was worth a try. Moreover, she knew from her past experiences that sometimes, over thinking was the food for complications and insanity. Above all, she was hopelessly attracted to his romance. She wanted to explore more of him, much more of him. And that couldn't happen unless her answer to his question was positive. With an excited heart and hands she typed the word 'Yes' in the messenger and watched the screen till it showed 'delivered'.
Not even a minute had passed and she had received his reply ( Love you darling!). Oh how romantic! The word 'darling' echoed within her mind in his sexy deep voice. She smiled at the screen and thought of sending a reply. But she knew better. After all she was a girl and never wanted him to know how desperate she was, to have him there, on her bed, in her arms right then!! With a new wave of happiness filling her body, she hugged her teddy bear and fell asleep, into the land of his dreams!


He was sitting on his couch nibbling on some pasta which his room mate had prepared.
'How did your date go bro?', his roomie asked.
'Good bro', he answered.
And the line of thoughts started in his mind.
* Her looks: excellent!
* Her boobs: mind blowing (wish I could get a chance to touch them. Next date, I will do it for sure!! Hope she agrees!)
* The kiss: I am so good at it!!
* Damn I am getting a boner!
(Phone beep)
* Oh she said Yes!!! Party on!!!
(He replied 'Love you darling!' and waited a minute for her reply. But when nothing came, he knew that she was asleep. Imagining her, on her bed, pumped even more blood into his boner!)
* My roomie's pen drive has some excellent porn videos!
* Let us find it, it must be in this drawer!!
* Yes!! Found it!!!

And this was how, the story of a boy and a girl, starting their (another) relationship, started!

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