Is our youth sensitive about Tulsi as much as Christmas tree .Is he aware about the benefits of Tulsi or it's anti cancer properties .. No they are not they are much more excited about decorating Christmas trees and  gifts and taking selfies with huge artificial Christmas  tree installed in the centre of the mall.We are at loss by forgetting the importance of a tulsi plant .. We could not protect our tulsi plant childhood we have seen a Tulsi plant in every house which was watered  and worshipped everyday and we used to have Tulsi leaves in charnamrit the holy water offered to God . The sacred Tulsi is no more in the flats fading it's existence in the western culture . We as a society are responsible for such discrimination .. Forgetting our roots and spreading our wings in wrong direction . Rather we should have a balanced approach where our children know about sacred Tulsi as well as magnificent Christmas tree . So friends back to Vedas is the slogan of the century

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