People are bad !
got to know something which was unexpected !
People use their girl friend quite common these days.
One person says that he is talking to his girl friend and it was not his girl friend but his friend !
Can you believe ?
Well people cheat you but you never know it !
Now i am trying to understand the psychology of people .

Now this xyz from a play sent his friend x and y. Well x got a link with z. He calls x as his girlfriend. z calls him as a girlfriend.

Mostly these are real thing which i am learning day by day.
Now i have to learn more . Life is learning i will keep blogging when i find something like this.
These are common thing i found in many places.
I have to get accustomed to these things.

But teaching and learning is good.
I will teach lesson to all of them but the time is not right . Time is with people and well its not difficult that time changes but the day it will change
I doubt they will exist !

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