How can I be lonely in a crowd?
Pushing through Life I feel detached.
I am here but ‘I’ am not there,
Reality is no longer in my snare.

All is meaningless, or is it?
I talk and make sense, but not to me.
I yearn to be present at every turn,
What is the fuel that makes me burn.

How can I be so desensitized to it all?
Sounds and noises I hear, but can’t listen.
Happy moments are elusive creatures,
Would I recognize it if I saw it’s features.

Why am I so compelled to keep on moving?
Following the flow of human beings.
I feel like a machine - without emotions,
Wake up in the morn to go through the motions.

What is the cost of this sanity that I’m living?
What is it that I am missing?
I looked everywhere, under every leaf and stone,
I wish to find out before this life is gone.


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