Things wave off in the evening when the flash of the light from her car fall on my face. I have seen her again with same glowing eyes and loving smile , I requested her to take rest and took in my hands the steering .She has to reach to her pre appointment in time .We were knowing that we are late but still she instilled let’s try to reach out there . She always find some way out and infuse required amount of heat to get the job done either with herself or into her. This time I was there.
Her two kids were in back seat enjoying the silk however she is our hero. After half an hour we reached to our destined place of appointment and in between I gave her Prasad which in real sense was the top requirement of the hour .There also she with her charismatic attitude she pulled things out.
Now our journey wave off which has the heat, warmth and this journey could have been possible just because we were together. On the way we exchanged our heat of deep breathe, saliva and passion which we feel towards each other. From one place to other place. The journey was long and it took around 3 hours .Three hours may be felt enough but today the world is not enough for us. She at time told also can’t we restrict our self for our betterment. I denied but tears found their way to come out. My eyes was wet, her eyes was wet. But still she was more confident and clear as ever. She took the control of situation and helped me out. She drank complete tears from my eyes and put the real shield of care and love around me, she was lying on me on my shoulder.
Car moved around 40 -50 Kms and only once we were out of the car it was the burst of loving emotions and care for each other. Music with slight rain and adding to the chart the power packed emotional heat. In between I also told that I observed the fasting for the complete day on one of the spiritual day just for us. A wave of emotions flowed into her during that particular time, which took her to another world. I even pull off the issue that God Please help me ….Please let me marry her in this life only which from few days I was praying . She cried a lot and told me not to repeat .On agreeing to this she replied develop confidence to justify yourself …..These lines were very impactful which went straight into my heart. At mid highway she also tried to teach how to kiss slowly ….but me fattu/Darpok as told ..could not replicate the same …
These meetings are like one of the chapters of fairy tales .So simple, honest, charming close to heart which got the high dose of emotions. Whenever we are together we feel so honored may be because we complement each other in most beautiful way, though I am the learner in this area and she has the expertise.
One thing lighter part ,in our case this happens regularly which I have to take care from next time onwards that I always forget the Tea,coffee and snacks part during these meetings and whenever she departed she use to pull up these lines “ if I have to meet you then I have to prepared well in advance that I am not going to get any food /snacks etc” …But Nivi I am sorry (How many times I even don’t know ) .
As time was clocking we need to rush to our centers. She dropped me near my place with a beautiful night hug which said Take care …..
While returning back she saw a bike rider carrying her daughter of 3-4 years one at front and other one behind him on bike at high speed with no helmet. The one who was behind she was almost sleeping, Nivi saw this and she continuously blow her car horn from behind her to help them.
She has the tremendously high compassion and she feels at every junction and dissipates the energy to make it happen. This I incident I got to know later on. But she is gifted human being with loads of talent may her smile reach miles ….and she accomplish herself………Missing u …..

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