Last night, I was travelling to this new land I was completely unaware of. I met new people, people with smiles on their face. And a few with blood-filled swollen eyes, diseased limbs and crying death prayers. I was petrified seeing all this. I wanted to go back, back to home.
With courage in chest, I approached one of those cursed souls.

"Anything wrong with you?"
He raised his gaze at me, ignoring my question he passed by me.
I followed him, "May be I can help you"
"Please don't interfere. I have had enough. If you want to be saved from what I am suffering from, help yourself to be good person!"

I didn't understand much. And then one of those blissful Buddha-looking guys came to me with a smile.
I asked him why some were so happy and healthy and some so miserable.
He replied in his saintly tone, "Dear! Those miserable guys are the those who have hurt others all their life. They saw women as pleasure-giving objects and tried to exploit them. They did all illicit things for their selfish motives. They had a life of wealth, wine and women and to have these they engaged in all abominable endeavors. And so now they are being punished for their deeds. And the guys you see happy here, are the ones who selflessly tried their best to bring happiness and peace to the world you live in."

Just then I got a call from some unknown number and woke up instantly. It was 5am. It was still dark outside. I went back to my bed. With open eyes, I tried to recall my dream. I could foresee my life post-death. Have I been a good person so far? I seriously don't think so! I have always seen women with my lustful eyes. Have I ever helped anyone to get a smile? I don't remember a single person whom I made feel happy. I have been so selfish all the time. Trust me, I was damn nervous now. I was shivering.
I have hurt my God-like parents, I have hurt people who helped me when I badly needed someone to help, I have tried to exploit girls with my flirty words, I have traded tears for smiles. Oh God! I was so horribly terrified. I tried to cease my thought process. And in some time I fell back to sleep.

But is there a way out to save myself from the reactions of my past deeds? Will I also be punished for those heart-breaks? Of course. Period.

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