It's time for the final write-up! I just want to thank srijan and his team on writerbabu for being my pen pals for so long.My journey began almost 2 years ago and it really has been a great one! I met grief,joy,anger,anxiety,excitement and a lot of other emotions on the way. My pleasure solely lay in my writing,in putting my coagulated thoughts into a coherent stream.I used to hangout with poems and will continue to do so. They bring immense joy to my soul.I still write poems while I am travelling in a bus,waiting to board a plane and whenever I get tired of office work.There were many people whom I met along the way,naming one would be injustice to others.So I will abstain from that.
People in general and the world at large gives me hope that writing is a beautiful passion.It won't die for ages to come.Maybe I will come back in another form with another name.The posts will definitely stop.Memories are everyone's treasures and I am no different.Thanks for the awesome time writerbabu! May the site grow by leaps and bounds in the future.To all the newbies and the old timers- Keep the thoughts churning. Never let anyone come between you and your first love,a.k.a,writing! All the best!
My blogging ID is . You can have correspondence with me there,if interested! Goodbye and good luck!!

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