Millions of stars watching me,
covered in the night's veil,
stretch the hand to catch one in glee, fail,
far it is, no matter how near the appearance!

I fail to look down, gaze the sky,
sparkling they are, unheeded to earth's calls,
cry out to them, "why far?"
the clouds deny the word-exchange!!

The words getting lost in the echo,
the echoes in the sultry vibe,
while the rays of hope are still to emulate,
disappearance of the self!

Being the red-eye spot of grievance,
turned out on grounds of irrelevance,
what other option is most suitable;
than to get lost in the smoke!

When lost in the composure of socialites,
being the reason for spats,
I demand a change, the life defies,
I revolt, I fail, I give up!

Walking down this lonely path,
with people throwing contempt on this lone guy;
I want to fade off everyone's lives,
Ending all this in silence!

I accept the mistake, I regret,
Find myself not suitable for this changing world;
I might never come back, the darkness allures me;
I ain't a prodigy, I ain't a mediocre, Less than nothing,
Finally I take a bow, not taking much of your time,
I fade off unaware of my destiny, I move away,

Tags: Loss

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