Everyone gets a chance to go to school and they enjoy their school days Neverthless I hated going to school. I don't how many of them support this. I still support my opinion that i hated going to school.
The first day when my dad told you have to go to school tomorrow , I felt enthusiastic not because i was going to school but because my dad will get me a new bag , a pair of black shoes which i never wore and a white shirt and a navy paint .
The next day i woke up early before my dad could get up and I Looked at my pair of shoes and thought wow they will look cool on me when i will wear them.Alright then my mom woke up, gave me breakfast and suddenly my dad came from his office wearing a sky blue shirt , a navy paint and A boot which could only remind me of his disciplined life of defence. He looked like a gentleman who just came from a fight and ready to take another fight. He told me get ready son, we are ready to go to school. I was fascinated that he will pick me up and drop me everyday. I wore my white shirt, navy paint and then a bag but to my surprise i had to put more luggage in my bag i.e keep all notebooks and a bunch of books which in the begining i adored it but suddenly i got to know what are they. I suddenly felt bit heavy on my shoulder but i decided lets go to school. My dad dropped me to the school and gave me a kiss and told bye and i grinned.
I watched the gate of school and It mentioned "Study well you are in Air Force School". I felt happy and motivated wow the decorated and shiny school. I love the decoration. I took my id-card and flashed to one of the gatekeeper. He grinned at me and asked me " is this your first day in school and gave me a kiss". I Felt empathetic because he was really generous and altruistic. He showed me the school. Alright upto this I felt my first day of school is really really fantastic. I enjoy everyone, Neverthless when i knocked the door of my classroom , A big giant stood next to me and saw me aghastly and i Felt to scream But I couldn't because my inner instinct told me not to do that. He told me to sit down in his nonchalant voice. First of all this huge giant looked anguish and above all he looked as if he is gonna eat me and chew me and digest me.
I sat in the bench and then suddenly i had a glance and to my surprise every kid was studying But i was not here to study. I was here to talk , to make friends, to flaunt, to play games.The giant man asked me to take out the book and I took it out because he coerced me to take the book out. I started looking at the book and suddenly he asked me a simple question but i could not reply. He asked me to "Kneel down".I didn't know what was kneel down and Hence i stood and glanced at him. He was embezzled to see me like that . He asked me , why did you disobeyed my order. I told i don't know what is "Kneel down". He slapped me and I was shocked. He put my down on my legs bent and then i learnt its called "Kneel Down". I started crying but to my surprise no one came to provide me his sympathy. The teacher left the door and I smiled and I told to myself " I will ask my dad to slap him ".
Alright the bell rang " the tiffin time ". Everyone started staring at me as if I flunked my exam and they felt so condescending even to face me. Nobody came to have lunch with me and I ate alone , Neverthless my mom's made food was so tasty that i just started the way a dog starts licking the food . Everyone started playing But none came to me to speak. I was angry to come to school because everyone hated me.

The bell rang again and it was the end of my first day of school . I felt really really really unhappy but my dad stood with the gun in his pocket which he usually carries during his office hours. I assumed if i can take them and Shoot that bloody I will feel satisfied. My dad took me in his lap and Took me back home.

The next day i was unhappy to even wake up but i was coerced to go to school and the same regular routine goes on and on but i was not happy. My school days were the worse one.

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